Cincinnati Rising Stars I: Rising Star News

Monday, March 21
Playoff Prevue...
A constant force in the POWHA the Cincinnati Rising Stars again brought a knowledge of winning and a passion for play into their third season going 7-4-1 including a weekend where they took three straight road games.

The Rising Stars finished third overall in the regular season as well as third in goals against and goals for.

In one of thier final games of the year, they handed the #1 Blues their second defeat of the season, winning the game 7-3.

They went 4-1 in their final 5 games.

With all stats reported their leaders are as follows:

Patrus 22
White 7
Harris 7
Bohon 7

Patrus 18
Elenich 3
Adkins 3

White 6
Bohon 5
Harris 5

Arnold 6
Patrus 6
Elenich 4
Flannery 4

Gatlin 1.0
Zureick 2.8

Save %:
Gatlin 95
Zureick 88.6

Zureick 5-4-1
Garlin 1-0

The Cincinnati Rising Stars have a history of great performances in the POWHA Playoffs having only lost one game in the past two seasons. They are past Champions and won thefirst ever POWHA Championship. Last season they finished third after losing to
Kent 2-0 in a semi final match.

Their past performances against thier first round opponent are as follows:

Verses Pittsburgh Puffins This Season:
2 wins

Oct 2, 2004 3-1
Dec 12, 2004 3-2

last season: 2 wins
Oct 19, 2003 5-1
March 7, 2004 10-1

Inaugural Season:
Nov 9, 2002 5-1
Feb 22, 2003 3-0

Monday, March 29
Results from the first day of competition are in..........
MARCH 27, CINCINNATI 10:30 am:
The Kent Twisters ...

Saturday, September 17
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