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Wednesday, July 27
About the POWHA
    The POWHA is an amatuer travel league for adult aged women. The POWHA currently consists of 7 member teams in two states with teams from Western, Central, and Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We currently have 147 player members. The league is entering it's 4th season of competition and the level of competition has risen steadily since the first competition began 3 years ago.

    Our league has named a champion three times with the Cincinati Rising Stars winning the first Championship, and the North Omlsted/Cleveland Blues winning both of the last Championships. Each year the league names a League MVP player and a Top Goaltender (or Goalie MVP) as well as other awards that are given by the team which hosts the playoffs. At the Spring meeting of 2005 it was decided that we need to expand the permanent awards to include a Defenseman MVP.

    Meetings such as the Spring Meeting are help bi-annually to bring the team representatives together in order to make decisions based on majority vote in league matters. The Spring Meeting focuses mainly on rule changes, additions to and subtractiosn from the league, the tournament for the following year, and elections of Board members. THe meeting is held sometime during the Playoff tournament at the location of the tournament.

    The Fall Meeting is generally a scheduling meeting. Teams come together to put together a schedule of all games and the playoff tournament. New rules can be instituted at this meeting as well, but this is generally saved for the Spring Meeting. Any tabled issues from the Spring Meeting are re-visted at this meeting and details and dates for the Playoff Tournament are decided.

    Each team in good standing is given two votes on all league issues at each meeting. Teams should send two team representatives to each meeting, but can send both of their votes with one person, or vote by proxy through an appointed representative. With 7 teams there are now 14 total votes.

    The Board of the POWHA consists of 6 positions. The President, The Vice President of Administration, The Vice President of Competition, The Secretary, The Treasurer, and The League Statistian are each given one vote in all league matters. Each has duties outlines in the bylaws and given to them at league meetings or assigned by the President.

    The Board has operated successfully since the league began and makes decisions on smaller issues that need to be decided during the season outside of league meetings. Decisions made by the Board during the season are reported on at the Spring Meeting.

    We are always looking to continue to expand within the already established geographic areas or in certain cases to new areas.

    If your team would like to be considered an exhibition level team or be considered for full membership during the 2005-2006 season please contact POWHA@msn.com.

The Third Season of the POWHA has ended. The Cleveland Blues repeated their previous championship by winning the 2004-2005 Championship.