The Heat Track Club: Welcome

Tuesday, May 24
The Heat Running Club

The Heat is a competitive club for youth track & field and cross country club founded by CYO coach's in 1989.  The goal of the club was originally to provide CYO athletes with a medium in which to compete in post CYO season competiton. We focus on the personal best, not the level of competition advanced too. 

Parents due to the extreme heat, Pleasanton will not have practice today.  - 7/11/2012



I understand the reason results have taken so long to publish is the list of qualifiers is at stake. Due to the nature of the situation where USATF must decide who continues to compete and who stays home the process is taking a bit longer than anticipated. Tom shared with me Saturday they would be posting results 48hrs after completion of the meet along with those eligible to move on. Once that list is posted there will be an online process to follow which allows parents the opportunity to register for the Tulare meet along with filling out requisite waivers etc.


Honestly, I knew we had a number of really good kids in this club, I did not anticipate we would have not only a huge number of kids qualify (majority of our participants) we actually medaled and won several events. Please don’t take what I’m say wrong, as I’ve never shared my younger brother introduced my family to AAU track when I was 12. I was coaching my brother (#3 in the US, 100-200 meters) before I ever stepped foot in high school as an athlete myself. The competition at this level due to age brackets when you’re younger running up is brutal, I’ve always been proud of the kids, but never has a group exceeded our expectations the way these kids have.


Long story short, I figured we would be planning our training program for next year now instead of me planning workouts for over a dozen kids in various events. I speak for our entire coaching staff when I say it’s an honor to coach your children. And let’s get back to practice tomorrow!


Coach Darren

Practice Schedule for this week:

  • Concord - Monday- Newhall: Hills/ Strength and conditioning 
  • Concord - Tuesday- CVHS- speed work, form training, distance training, field events 
  • Concord - Thursday- CVHS long sprint training, blocks work, field events

2012 Championship / Summer Track Season

The Heat Track Club offers an 8 week (May 22 thru July 15) summer youth track and field program for conditioned athletes who want to improve their running skills and/or compete in USATF regional youth meets and attempt to qualify for the USATF National Junior Olympics. 

Youth athletes between the ages of 8-18 (younger by exception) are invited to train and compete with our club.  Not sure if this sport is for you ... come watch a practice and see if this what you'd like to do.

The following disciplines are available for Heat atheletes to train in:

Track and Field:  Sprinting, distance, hurdles, steeplechase, relays

Cross Country:  Sub-Bantam race 2K (1.25 miles); Bantam & Midgets race 3K (1.86 miles); Youth race 4K (2.5 miles); Intermediate / Young race 5K (3.1 miles)

Outdoor Track & Field Season - February-July
Cross Country Season - August-December

In the summer (mid-June through mid-July) we also participate in local all-comer meets.

  • To register
    1. 2012 Heat Club Membership form (see Coach)
    2. copies of your birth certificate - only if you are new to Heat
    3. $50.00 check for club fees, and a # under club 479. 
    4. DO NOT COME to your first practice without these items
    5. To run in the PA/USATF Championships you must have your paperwork in by June 1, 2012. 
Age Divisions
Using 12/31/2012 to calculate age

descriptionlow agehigh age

Sub-Bantam 6 8

Bantam 9 10

Midget 11 12

Youth 13 14

Intermediate 15 16

Young 17 19*
Note: The age-up date for Young is determined using the last day of the USATF YOUTH National Championship meet, 07/31/2012.  
Meet Calendar - $6.00/event - Pre-registration required
June 9-10 - Pacific Association Youth Championships (San Jose City College) - Registration deadline of June 5 @ 9 p.m. Birth certificates must have been submitted by noon. 
June 22-24 - Pacific Association Top 12 Qualification Meet  (Modesto Junior College)
June 30 - Sub-Bantam Meet (Skyline High School, Oakland)
July 6-8 - Region 14 Track and Field Meet - Top 5 move on
July 23-29 - Junior Olympics Baltimore Maryland 

Thursday, August 30
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