PFWC: Wrestler & Parent Expectations

Thursday, March 21

Dear Wrestling Parents/Guardians:The following is a general guideline for what to expect from the Pennsbury Youth Wrestling Program and some suggestions for you: 

1.      We will stress safety, development and fun.  Winning is a lot of fun as long as your child’s well-being, character development and enjoyment is emphasized.

2.      Your child will be prepared both physically and mentally through tactics, skills and conditioning/fitness.  They’ll learn that there’s no shortcut to hard work nor is there any magic or secret to winning.

3.      One of the most important lessons is that failure teaches us how to win.  Some kids get “it” early on and some take a lot of time (frequently several years).  Quite often, the kids that take a lot of time are the ones that really learn the value of hard work and once it starts “clicking” everything they touch turns to gold both on and off the mat.  Hard work is vastly more important, especially in the long run, than natural ability.

4.      Be prepared to have a lot of patience and understanding with your young wrestler.  Some need more time than others, but the primary goal is growth.  Feel free to assist on the mat, especially if your child is initially lacking in confidence.  This way you’ll grow together.

5.      Officials are human and generally do a fantastic job.  When one makes a bad call, and they will, we will let it go and encourage our kids to overcome it with their performance on the mat.

6.      Good hygiene is crucial and cleanliness is particularly important in a contact sport like wrestling. Have your wrestler follow the Universal Hygiene Protocol for All Sports: It’s important to shower after each practice with an antibacterial soap. Wash all workout clothing after practice. Wash personal gear, such as knee pads, periodically. Don’t share towels or personal hygiene products with others.

7.      Your wrestler should always wear one pair of shoes or flip flops to wrestling and then change into wrestling shoes once they are in the gym to prevent bringing in germs, etc. onto the mat.

8.      We’ll set high standards and work in a fun environment to help each other to achieve them.  The problem with aiming low is in achieving that goal.  Our performance in matches will mirror our intensity levels in practice.

9.      Please note – Even though you wrestle as individuals, this is still a team sport when we compete against other clubs. So please encourage the other wrestlers and cheer them on. Also, we discourage the use of electronic devices, such as hand held games, etc., during meets if it will distract you from supporting our team. 


Ed Dayton-Wrestling Director & Frank Caruso-President

Coach Kean & Coach Wilhelm