PFWC: Scoring and Basic Terms

Saturday, October 27

Fall (Pin), Forfeit, Default, Disqualification-- Six Team Points

Technical Fall (Getting ahead of Your Opponent By Fifteen Points)-- Five Team points

Major Decision (Winning Your Match by Eight to Fourteen Points)-- Four Team Points

Decision (Winning Your Match By One To Seven Points)-- Three Team Points

Saturday, October 27

Sprawl- Falling forwards with your legs going back.

Wrist Control- Control your opponent's wrist.

Hand Control- Control of your opponent's hand.

Shoot- Making an attempt for a takedown

Escape- Defensive person escapes for points from controlling wrestler.

Takedown- Wrestler has taken his opponent down to the mat and gained control.

Breakdown- Wrestler has his opponent flat on his belly.

Reversal- Defensive wrestler gained control.

Neutral Position- Both wrestlers standing.

Referee's Position or Base Position- Wrestler is on his hands and knees and his opponent is on top of him.

Pin- Wrestler has succeeded in turning over his opponent to the mat and keeping him there for 2 seconds or less.

Fall- Pin

Cross Face- Forearm is placed on the near side of the opponents face to maneuver him for control.

Optional Start- In referee's position the offensive man is standing up with 2 hands on the defensive man's back shaped like a "V". Usually to let him go to neutral but not always.

Stalling- Offensive or Defensive wrestler fails to attempt to gain control or go for the pin.

Stance- Correct standing position.