PFWC: History

Wednesday, March 13
Pennsbury Falcon Wrestling Club (PFWC)

PFWC History

The Pennsbury Falcon Wrestling Club was established in 1977 by Joe Kiefer, Mike Klein, and John Kopack. In-house intramural teams were established, and traveling teams wrestled exhibition matches against Bux-Mont League teams. Pennsbury became a full member of the  powerful Bux-Mont League in 1978. Early coaches and instructors for Pennsbury wrestlers besides Kopack, Kiefer and Klein were Dick Spickler, Al Berkes, Ron Wilhelm, Jim Moretti, Dave Vetter, Fred Lofland and Keith Bogart. Coach Eric Carlson was with the club for over 23 years and along with Keith Bogart had guided the Falcons to fifteen Bux-Mont League Championships.

The Club has produced many high school and National Prep qualifiers and place winners and proved to be the training ground that helped produce PIAA State Champions Kip Kiefer and Chuckie Conner.

Many other former PFWC members have dotted the rosters of college  wrestling programs across the country. Pennsbury has broadened its horizons by scheduling powers from various leagues in the northeast and has done extremely well in these contests which is a testament to the great level of competition in our wrestling area. In the 2011-2012 season, we further expanded and became the first team from Pennsylvania to join the Grapevine League.

We have continued to enjoy great success in that league and produced two Best of the Best Champions in our first year. In our second year, we produced four Best of the Best Champions and three others who placed. We will continually strive to find the best ways to improve our club.

The same rivalries that kids establish when they are 5 and 6 years old continue to develop into the great high school rivalries that we all  enjoy watching in the Suburban One League and build character and mutual respect that last forever.