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In Memoriam 

Dan Denardo – Oct 12, 1934-Oct 16, 2014

The PASL Women’s League (USSSA Registered) is saddened by the loss of Dan Denardo, the individual who founded and ran the league for 26 years. Under his leadership, the league grew from the original 9 teams to a maximum of 50 teams in 1995, to today’s total of 25 teams. The league produced more ASA State champions than any league in the state. The league also had several National champions plus a USSSA World Champion and a World runner-up. The league is believed to be the best and largest league in the state thanks to Dan’s leadership. The league will move forward because of the foundation and leadership he instilled and inspired in everyone he met. Goodbye and God bless you Dan; we will always be thinking of you and what you have done for all of us .  


Monday, March 27
Welcome to the 2017 Season!

Schedules for all Sections are completed and were emailed to Managers.

Sections 3 and 4 schedules are now uploaded to the website! 

* Please note that the first 3 games on the Section 4 schedule dated 4/29/2017 are TBA games to
be played at a date to be determined, NOT on the 4/29 date listed.

Section 1 and 2 Schedules are now uploaded to the website !





Monday, August 8
2016 Section One Playoff Results

Monday, August 8
2016 Section Two Playoff Results

Monday, August 15
2016 Section Three Playoff Results

Monday, August 8
2016 Section Four Playoff Results

Reporting Scores

With texting now becoming the way of communicating, if you wish to text your game score, please do so to 412.559.7288. You can put the number in your scorebook and text immediatly after game ends. You can continue to email as before, or via phone call. The first 2 options are the preferred method. Thank you!

Problem Viewing Standings

When viewing the standings, if the alternating black bars with the white numbers do not show up, click on the +printable standings at the top right of standings and everything will show up. This has been an on going problem all season, and the eteamz support team is looking into correcting the problem. Thank you!

Click on the Spinning Bat for USSSA licensed bat list
USSSA Licensed Bat List

For all P.A.S.L. teams, the entire league will now use the USSSA approved bats.

Click on the spinning bat image. This will take you to the USSSA website. Under Rules / Legal Information  clink on Bat, Ball, & Equipment Info.  Choose the underlined link you wish to view.

Thursday, May 2
ASA Bat Information

Click on swinging bat to go to ASA site
Select bats in the drop down menu and click on go
for approved and non-approved bats in ASA play.

               HOW TO VIEW SCHEDULES

              There are two styles of schedules to use.

                                              1. List Style            

To access your team schedule, click on PASL Teams on the left side menu. Click on your team name under the corresponding section. You will now be on your team site. Click on Schedules on the left side menu. 

Make sure the Number of Games to display drop down window is set to the correct number of games your section will play. If you set to 20 that will cover all sections.

All teams for 2009 should have  a Conference tab, a Non Conference tab, and a Combined tab. The schedule will show conference or section games first, so you must click on the Combined tab or Full Schedule heading.  If the correct number of games do not display in the Combined tab, then also click on Full Schedule heading on the far right.
Click on the +Printable Schedule link in upper right to print your schedule.

                           2. Calendar Style

Go to your team site as above and simply click on Calendar in the left menu. This will give you a monthly view. You will have to print/view by each month (May, June, July, etc.). 

Click on the right or left arrow by the month to go forward or backward a month. Again, click on the +Printable Calendar link in upper right to print your schedule.

                          Return to home site

 Click on Site Home in the left side menu to return to the league site.

To access a schedule for your section, click on PASL Schedules to the left. Click on the section that you want to view. You can print/view either style as above.


Sites of Interest

Click on Links in the Menu at left and you can find links to all the softball associations and other softball related sites!

P.A.S.L. Seeking New Teams and Players

We are always looking to expand our league! Newly formed teams or individuals looking to find a team to play on, please contact Dave @ 412.771.6473 or Gary @ 412.831.7369 for information.

For additional League info, click on League News in left side menu!

Directions to Fields

Click on Field Locations at Left of this page,you can then click on the navigation symbol for a detailed map.

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Thu 6/22 Home Plate McCoy's II vs. Steel City Vipers 7:00 PM Ingram Park
Fri 6/23 Home Plate Fireballs vs. Pisci's 7:00 PM Woodhill Park
Fri 6/23 Bat/Ball Elliott Herricanes vs. Zippy's Saloon 7:30 PM Wilson Park
Sat 6/24 Glove/Ball Duke's Upper Deck vs. Bad Pitches 12:00 PM Devlin Field
Sun 6/25 Softball Steel City Vipers vs. Not Ur Pitch 11:00 AM Ingram Park
Sun 6/25 Softball Not Ur Pitch vs. Steel City Vipers 12:00 PM Ingram Park
Sun 6/25 Bat/Ball Rockefeller's Grille vs. Robinson 1:00 PM Burkett Sports Complex
Sun 6/25 Bat/Ball Long Shots vs. Elliott Herricanes 2:30 PM Herschel Field
Sun 6/25 Bat/Ball Zippy's Saloon vs. Salem Market & Grill 3:00 PM Greentree Park, Field 2
Sun 6/25 Home Plate McCoy's II vs. Yesterdays News 3:00 PM Wilson Park
Sun 6/25 Glove/Ball Pancake Batters vs. Greentree Gophers 4:30 PM Greentree Park, Field 2
Sun 6/25 Glove/Ball Coach's-Elliott vs. Pitch Slap 4:30 PM Wilson Park
Sun 6/25 Bat/Ball Robinson vs. Parkway Florist 6:00 PM Greentree Park, Field 2
Sun 6/25 Glove/Ball Bad Pitches vs. Pitch Slap 6:00 PM Wilson Park
Sun 6/25 Diamond Last Call vs. Pittsburgh Powerhaus 6:00 PM Thompson Run AA
Sun 6/25 Bat/Ball Parkway Florist vs. Long Shots 7:00 PM Greentree Park, Field 2
Sun 6/25 Glove/Ball Greentree Gophers vs. Duke's Upper Deck 7:00 PM Woodhill Park
Sun 6/25 Glove/Ball Coach's-Elliott vs. Strike Out Cancer 7:00 PM Skvarca Park
Sun 6/25 Diamond Pittsburgh Powerhaus vs. Last Call 7:00 PM Thompson Run AA
Mon 6/26 Softball Last Call vs. Fireballs 6:30 PM Bethel Park HS
Mon 6/26 Softball Fireballs vs. Last Call 7:30 PM Bethel Park HS
Tue 6/27 Softball Pittsburgh Powerhaus vs. Garden Bar 6:30 PM Radisson Field
Tue 6/27 Softball Garden Bar vs. Pittsburgh Powerhaus 7:30 PM Radisson Field
Wed 6/28 Bat/Ball Zippy's Saloon vs. Rockefeller's Grille 8:00 PM Kennedy Twp Field/Fairhaven Park
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Thu 6/15 Softball Last Call vs. McCoy's II 8:15 PM Oakdale Boro Park
Thu 6/15 Softball McCoy's II vs. Last Call 9:15 PM Oakdale Boro Park
Fri 6/16 Softball Garden Bar vs. Last Call 8:30 PM Herschel Field
Fri 6/16 Softball Last Call vs. Garden Bar 9:30 PM Herschel Field
Sun 6/18 Glove/Ball Bad Pitches vs. Strike Out Cancer TBA Skvarca Park
Sun 6/18 Bat/Ball Robinson: 16 - Salem Market & Grill: 1 3:00 PM Greentree Park, Field 2
Wed 6/21 Bat/Ball Salem Market & Grill: 14 - Rockefeller's Grille: 20 8:00 PM Kennedy Twp Field/Fairhaven Park
Wed 6/21 Bat/Ball Salem Market & Grill: 9 - Rockefeller's Grille: 11 9:00 PM Kennedy Twp Field/Fairhaven Park