Thursday, July 12


Hello everyone I'm Richard Durham creator of this team welcome to a new style of youth travel basketball..

We are panthers youth travel basketball team.. this is a new team ..but our teachings been around for 15 years and counting..

As of now we are scouting the northeast Ohio Cleveland Akron and surrounding areas to find the best players to be on this team 4Th-5Th-6Th grades boys

We are only holding 9 roster spots..Our first player in our home page photo is daeonte givner started playing when he was 6 years of age he has blossom into a nice two guard for this team his training has been with former NBA players and college players

We can give that same training for you but you must be a committed hard worker to be on this team ..our coaches are strick to make you a very good basketball player..We play hard we practice hard  our practice will make boys into men with out boot camp style of training .

Our Team fee $300 per player that comes with everything other programs offer and a lot more (sorry no refunds or payment plans) CA$H our team fee to other programs you will pay up to $500-$600 per player  We accept donations  click on the team donations above this page for donations  We give a lot more to our and training techniques  for your joiner fee towards this team

We care about our players and parents we want you to care about panther basketball...

We develop all players towards this team we are  not  here to bring or take players from others programs ..

Winning isn't everything it's the only thing...

Our goal is to reach aau basketball and to make champions.

                                     We  are basketball

                                 thanks for viewing this site

                                    Head of Panther Basketball

                                         Richard Durham