PA District 25: District 25 meeting minutes

Sunday, February 13
District 25 Little League Meeting 2-13-2011

      Meeting was brought to order at 3:03 pm by District Administrator Bob Wilson.  A brief moment of silence was held for Don Nelson who passed away last week from Brain Cancer, he served several years as an ADA for District 25 over the years,and was one of the original founders of Cranberry Little League.

     The following leagues were represented AC Valley, Butler Twp., Clarion, Cranberry, East Butler, Franklin, Knox, Oil City and Southern Clarion County.

     Terry Bean went over some of the items in the power point on the rule changes that were discussed at the meeting in Bristol, Connecticut last month.  Some of the main points of this are as follows:  All documents for proof of residency must be dated prior to February 1st of this year. After January 1st of this year League Presidents are not eligible to coach tournament teams. The playing age for baseball/softball has been lowered to 4 years old this year. Players in softball can play on a Major Division team and a Jr. team but must play at least 60% of the time in one of the divisions to be eligible to play all-stars. No fees can be accepted from a company for using their equipment. 

      The composite bat list will continue to be updated, please check the link,  stickers will be issued to leagues and the leagues will have to check the bats against the list if the bat is on the list an approval sticker will be placed on the bat by the League President, if someone tries to remove the sticker and place it on a non-approved bat the sticker will shred. Tournament fees have been increased, Little League has received several complaints on this.  Social Security numbers are MANDATORY for back ground checks and the national check should be done on Nexis/Lexus, this will show arrests where other checks do not. Also print out your background checks and keep them on file for a couple of years in case someone questions your League on someone.

     Make sure that when you sign up players that they are in your League Boundaries.

     The 4 individuals going to Williamsport next month for the Umpire Training thanks to the Districts Umpire Development Fund are: Phil Schults, Zach Borland, Paul Harmon and Saxon Daugherty. Bob Wilson mentioned that he feels that this is a good thing that was started and we need to encourage more young people involved.

     Safety manuals are due in by March 1st, so that we can get the discount hopefully and keep the District costs down for all of our leagues. If you have any questions while doing your manual contact Bob and he will try and help you through it. Also your leagues need to get their Constitutions, Bi-Laws and Maps into Little League and Bob as well.

     Bob Wilson asked if anyone thought our District should have an umpire clinic in a central location, everyone agreed. Mike Campbell will be contacted about holding a clinic in Clarion sometime right before the season. Ron Sankey asked if a District Meeting could be held at the same time, Bob agreed. The place and time of the clinic/meeting will be announced soon, watch for details.

    It was asked if the minutes being on the website is alright with everyone, everyone agreed and this will continue.

    Meeting was adjourned at 4:08 pm.



Sunday, November 21
November 21 District 25 meeting minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by District Administrator Bob Wilson

Members in attendance were Ray Fox, Rob Greggs, Dave Graham, Bill Hadley, Chip Jordan, Tom Minick, Ron Sankey, Brent Saylor and Scott Smith.

Old Business: Bill Hadley brought up the choosing of who has home field during All-Star games, he didn't feel it was fair to do a coin toss. Bob Wilson put it before all members for discussion, Ron Sankey said he felt that the way it is being done is fair as there is no sure way to change it and have it work any differently. Bob stated that he could name a host site for all games or just do a weekend tournament as some places do, but felt the way we do things know is the fairest.  Ron stated that the way we do things now everyone gets to host at least one home game, everyone else seemed to agree with this.  Billy stated that he has a formula that he will present at another time, he didn't have it with him today.

New Business:

Scott Smith, Assistant DA presented some of the items that were discussed at the State Meeting in Williamsport that he and Chip Jordan attended since Bob had to work that day and couldn't attend, the list of requirements the State is implementing for the coming year was passed around for all in attendance to see.  The East/West format for all stars was dropped in favor of a single state tournament site consisting of 8 teams instead.  It was also discussed that 16 year olds may be dropped and the age group be changed to 13-15 do to lack of interest for 16 year olds. 

Bob brought to the attention of all members that we are eligible to host the following tournaments this year:  10 & 11 sectional, Junior States and the Senior sectional, anyone who is interested needs to let him know by Dec 15th as packets for this need to be submitted to Bill Dithrich by Apr 15th from the host sites.  Bob explained about the Umpire Development Fund that is being established  to send someone to the Umpire clinic in Williamsport, a brief essay (paragraph) of why the person wants to put their name in for this, equipment or an umpire shirt and pants needs to be in to Bob by January 1st and he and Terry will review them and decide who the winners are.  Also he will get in touch with Mike Campbell for a District umpire clinic also.

Chip Jordan presented the Financial statement and gave all members a copy.  Billy asked what umpire shirts were for on the Financial report, Bob told him that the umpires that umped the State Tournament were given shirts for the time they donated umpiring, as they do not get paid to do State Tournaments.

Maps, By-laws and League constitutions need to be submitted to Pat Holden at Eastern Region, ASAP.  You can go onto Little Leagues website pull up the constitution they have on there and simply fill in the blanks and get it to them.  These need to be up to date, in case their is a league question on something, Little League will go by whatever they have on file for your league, we just had a case were they reverted to a 1978 set of by-laws as that is what they had on file at Eastern Region Headquarters.  Also if you use Little Leagues 501C3 you need to get a financial statement to Eastern Region for the past season ASAP as well or they will put your League on hold.

Presidents cannot resign and coach all-stars, this is a new rule in effect for next year.  Residency requirements must be dated on or before February 1st.

District dues will stay at $100.00 again this year, there was some discussion about this as to should it be raised or stay the same, Rob Greggs made a motion to keep it the same and Ron Sankey seconded it, the motion passed to keep it the same as last year.

Safety plans need to be in Bob's hands no later than March 1st, so that we can get our discount for the year to keep the dues fee down.  Charter money needs to get into Eastern Region so that you can hold registrations and also get your disc to do your Safety Plan.

Next Meeting will be in February time and date to be announced at a later date.