PA District 25: District 25 Complaint Policy

Sunday, March 6
District 25 Complaint Policy



Robert Wilson - District Administrator

                                                                                     April 19, 2010


Effective immediately the District policy on receiving questions or complaints regarding rules violations, playing rules or Little League procedures in gereral from board members, coaches, and concerened parents will be as follows:

Any and all replies will be copied to the League President, for further discussion and/ or for possible resolution. Any question that is unsigned, or if the person raising the question is unidentified, the question will not be answered or acted upon.

Any problems unable to be resolved by the District Administrator and the League President will then be forwarded on to Little League Headquarters for interpretation and or/advisement.

                                                                                                         Robert Wilson

                                                                                                         DA PA D-25

Handout: District 25 Complaint Policy