Registration is now open through April 30th, 2017 for only $45!! Late registration continues until May 14 for $55
Handout: Paper Registration

Sunday, March 26
Join PAA Summer Baseball on FaceBook

Just a reminder to join ("Like") the PAA Summer Baseball page on FaceBook at  or by searching in FaceBook for PAA Summer Baseball.  It is a great way to get news about the league on your FB newsfeeds.  Since starting the page I try to post items which includes PAA news, fun and interesting info about baseball in general, and links to brief training and instruction baseball videos that can be viewed free on youtube.  I screen these videos in advance and only post ones that are brief and teach widely accepted & taught skills, mechanics and drills for fielding, throwing, batting, pitching or other aspects of player development.  The FaceBook page is also used to send out reminders about registration which will go directly and timely to your newsfeeds.  If you haven't already joined ("Liked") it I believe you will find this a worthwhile page to add to your FaceBook items.