Orange Little League: Orange LL FAQ


Q: How do I know if I'm in Orange Little League boundaries?
If you live South of Katella, North of the 22 Freeway, West of the 55 Freeway and East of the 57 Freeway, you're probably in our boundaries. Check the "Forms" section of the website for a more detailed map.

Q: What is league age/what does league age mean?
League age is the age your child is by a certain cut-off date. The league age cut-off date for the Spring 2009 season is 4/30/09. This means your child must be five years old by 4/30/09 to play Spring ball.

Q: What documents do I need for registration?
Under the "Registration" section of the website, there is a checklist of forms/documentation needed to register for Orange Little League.

Q: Does Orange Little League offer a sibling discount?
YES! For the 2009 ball season, OLL is offering a sibling discount! The discount is $10 per sibling (after the first sibling).

Q: What is included in the registration fee?
A: As part of the registration fees, each player will receive a jersey, baseball pants, baseball socks, a hat, a belt (if applicable to style of pants), a trophy, a yearbook and a small picture package (additional packages can be purchased). These are items the players get to keep. The registration fees also cover other "services" required to play in the league, such as bats, balls, catchers' gear, helmets, umpire gear, utilities, etc.

Q: What is the Smith Family Scholarship?
Orange Little League was founded in 1958 by a group of enthusiastic dads who simply wanted their sons to play "America's Nationl Pasttime", baseball. Among the founding members of the Board of Directors was a man named Gene Smith.
For the past 45 years, the Smith family has been a continous supporter of Orange Little League, serving as Managers, Coaches, Board members and sponsors.
The Smith Scholarship is given to one AA player chosen by the AA managers at the end of the season. The player should exemplify the qualities that the Smith family stands for...sportsmanship, leadership, involvement in the league and most of all, love for the game and for Orange Little League.
As a reward, the AA player chosen receives a certificate at Closing Ceremonies and their next season's registration fees are waived.

Q: What is the Gary Hess award?
Gary Hess was an outstanding Orange Little League player back in the 1960s. Gary passed away from cancer not long after he left O.L.L. Gary exemplified the purpose of this award and we give it in his memory and in his honor.
The Gary Hess award is given to a single Orange Little League player who has shown sportsmanship and kindness to his/her fellow teammates and opponents.

Q: What is the John Pillarella award?
John Pillarella was a coach here at O.L.L. back in the 1980s. He didn't have a son or daughter in the league at the time, but his love for the game, and the players, led him to coaching. John's love for all the players is the inspiration for this award.
The John Pillarella award is given to a single Orange Little League player who has shown heart and cooperation to everyone and with everyone they've come in contact with in the League.

Q: What ages/divisions have player tryouts?
A: All divisions except t-ball have player tryouts.

Q: Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding the upcoming ball season:
A: Contact the League Information Officer at He may not always have the answers, but he knows who does!