Orange Little League: Umpires

Fellow Volunteers,
Thank you for all the hard work many of you are doing for our league. This season is starting off great! Just a couple of things to note about umpiring. Please replace all gear back into the umpire room when you are finished with it. I would like all of us to make the effort to look our best when we take the field. That means we dress like umpires and set a good example for everyone. This does two things that helps all of us. We look professional and it shows we take pride in what we are doing for the kids. Secondly, if we look the part then were less likely to be questioned by anyone about our calls! This makes your games run much smoother.
The uniform is partially supplied by the league. We provide the shirts and hats, as well as all the plate gear that is worn under the shirts. What you all need to come up with is a red under shirt to be worn under the blue umpire shirt and some kind of grey slacks. Black turf shoes for each umpire and steel toes are recommended for behind the plate use. Plate umpires if you wear your hats in the normal fashion they will stay on when your mask is removed if done properly. This just takes a little practice. Shirts tucked in at all times and a black belt. Most of you will already have clothes on hand to make up a proper uniform.
Please call or e-mail with any questions you may have. It would really help out if you guys would confirm your assigned duties with me a couple of days before your games begin. 
We are holding another umpires clinic at OLL this Sunday March 15th beginning sharply at 2PM and lasting about two hours. The clinic will be held on the major field and please no parking on Elm Street. Please spread the word to your teams and let me know if you are planing on coming.
Thanks for everything guys! Great Job!!

Umpires Needed! Love baseball? Looking for an exciting way to become involved in youth sports? Don't have the time to commit to coaching a team? Umpiring may just be the perfect way to volunteer for Orange Little League. Every AA, AAA, Majors and Juniors game requires two umpires so there are plenty of opportunities to call a game. The typical time commitment for an umpire is 30 minutes prior to the game time until approximately 10 minutes after game time. (average game time is two hours.) No experience necessary. Junior Umpires are also needed. 

Umpire Duties 30 minutes Prior to Game time: Meet Partner/Dress/Discuss Signals, Coverages and Ground Rules. 10 minutes prior to game time: Arrive at game site, check equipment. 5 minutes prior to game time: Pre-game meeting and pledges. After the game it is recommended that you and your partner discuss pros and cons of the game.

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