Bob, David, Brian, Mike - Champions 2009

This curling site  honors the Ontario Provincial Masters Curling Champions and highlights Team Edmondson, the Masters Curling Champions of Ontario (2009. 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2004) . We humbled and proud to have won the Ontario Masters Curling  Championship (5) of  six years . We are proud and honored  to be CANADIAN MASTERS CURLING CHAMPIONS OF CANADA (2007). We hope to help foster the game of curling for Masters competitive curlers.  Nice accomplishment with Gold. silver, and Bronze standings

Canadians GOLD 2007-
SILVER 2004,
BRONZE 2009 , 4th 2008 , 4th 2006



Grand Masters Championships ( 70+ plus Ontario Championships) Provincial Qaulifier 2014, 2105, 2016.2017,2018

Grandmasters 2014 - Team E CHAMPIONS of Ontario , Bob Edmondson, Ron Nayduk, Michael Skafel, Rick Buchanan - GOLD Winner !
Grandmasters 2015 - Team "E" Bronze (3rd) Congrats, Benny Brock, Winner,
GrandMasters 2016-  Team "E" Bronze (3rd) Congrats, Ron Perrier, Winner 
GrandMasters 2017-  Team "E" Bronze (3rd) Congrats. Gerry Giddings, Winner
GrandMasters 2018-  Team "E" CHAMPIONS of Ontario,  Bob Edmondson,  Don Moseley-Williams,Michael Skafel,  Grant Clark. GOLD winner !


Masters 2018 Won 10 L 3 in 13 Games.
Won P at St G's, Won PQ  @ Scarboro, Prov 5-2 lost Playoff to  ONT winner Hutchinson Bob Edmondson, Dan Leier, Don Moseley-Williams, Ross Scarrow

 2017. Won - Zone at Hamilton Vic, Lost Regions at Brantford
- MASTERS 2016 -  Won the Zone at St Georges L,W,W,W,W ! Lost out -Lakefield regions
Bob Edmondson Ron Melhuish, Micheal Skafel;, Howard Stanfield - Representing Oakville CC 
- MASTERS 2015 -  Won the Zone at HIGH PARK cc. Lost  to Club-mate Ian Taylor and Bob Turcotte in the regions. Ian Taylor  (OCC)  and TeamTurk  went on to the provincials won by Team Gowan of Dundas Granite who came in 4th at the Canadians won by Manitiba.
 Bob Edmondson Ron Melhuish, Michael Skafel, Greg Ward - Representing Oakville CC 

- MASTERS 2014 -  Team Played  with a Spare shooter ( Bob - Funeral detail) Lost  to Club-mate Doug Willey who went on through the regions and made provincials won by Team Turcotte who came in second at the Canadians to Alberta's Brekenridge.
Bob Edmondson, Don Moseley-Williams, Michael Skafel, Greg Ward -( John Parks spare) Representing Oakville CC

- MASTERS 2013 -  Played   Lost  to Roger Miller who went on through the regions and made provincials won by Team Noble who came in 3rd (Bronze) at the Canadians.

-  MASTERS  2012  We are rolling . Won the 2012 Masters Zones ( HPcc) and Regions ( Lakefield cc).
.. 2012 Masters provincials ( Forest Ontario) Jan 4-9 -2012. 

APRIL 2012 -  Forest Ontario - Masters Provincial Championships
Team Dorey wins  2nd Provincial Title ( 6-1 record)
Tie for second place Layne  Nobel and Bob Edmondson  ( 5-2 record

-  Edmondson  Provincial - SENIORS 2011    
Team 2012 advanced to the Seniors regions( Dixie CC)  by winning the "A" side Seniors zone  @the OCC. 
We won the Senior zones (B) and Regions (B)  (2011) and  placed 3rd  at the Provincials in Lindsey Ontario. A near miss to get to the Canadians ,  Congrats Team Racette.  who played well in Digby NS !

 2011 . Congratulations Team  Layne Noble ( Ottawa) team Ontario 2011, Bronze winners at the Canadian Masters Curling Championships ( Winnipeg 2011), Team Noble defeated the 2010 Canadian Championship team Mike Dorey in a playoff to win the Ontario Championship and the right to represent Ontario at the Canadians. 
  Layne Noble, Rick Bachand, Randy Garland, Cal Hegge -  Team Ontario -Ottawa CC

April 2010 ..Congraulations to Team Mike Dorey (Guelph G+CC)  on winning both the Ontario and Canadain Masters Curling Championships in the year 2010

@ St John New Brunswick. Team make up :  Paul Night lead ,2nd Gary Houghton, 3 rd Brian Henderson, S Michael Dorey . Team Dorey defeated PEI, BC, SK, and MN to sweep the National Playoffs  20101 

Our team thanks and recognizes the sponsors who have make our Team's trips to Provincial and Canadian Championships possible . We ask that you visit our sponsors page's and consider using their products and services.
Thank you - Team Edmondson - Team Oakville - Team Ontario - Team Canada. 

We ask you to take the time to Click thru and visit the Ontario Masters page to meet  all the athletes who have won the Provincial and are  the Provincial Masters Champions of Ontario.

Team Changes for 2009 - Stewart +- Longley retire - Ward and Mosely Williams Sign on !
David Stewart and Brian Longley have stepped aside from Masters Competitive play. Thanks David and Brian for all the wins at the Ontario's and the Canadian's. 
Both DAVID and BRIAN  recently were awarded prestiguois OCA LIFE MEMBERSHIPS 
Our team has is pleased and proud to have Greg  Ward and Don Mosely- Williams joining our team for the 2010 and upcoming seasons ! Both of these players have been  been to The Canadian Curling Championships as Ontario Champions. Our team is looking forward to a great season asw e play and practice hard to build success with our curling adventures and in the Ontario Masters Playdowns 2010, 2011, and 2012.


MASTERS CURLING TEAM 2009-2010 - From the Oakville Curling Club
WON the  Masters Zone - Lost in the Regions.
WON the Toronto West Seniors Major League.
WON the Simcoe (Smithson Memorial) Cash Event back to Back years.

MASTERS CURLING TEAM 2010-2011 - From the Oakville Curling Club
Lost Masters in the Zones. This team got to 4 and 1at The Senior Provincials- Just missing the playoffs
with two late losses. Guy Racette went to the Canadians.
WON - The Simcoe (Smithson Memorial) Cash Event.
WON - The Toronto Goldline Senators Championship.

MASTERS CURLING TEAM 2011-2012 - From the Oakville Curling Club
This team will Play SENIORS  and MASTERS and 6 prep events to get in "game shape"  for zones and regions. All before Christmas. Not sure why all events get plugged in early?
EVENTS: KW Granite Spiel - Oakville Summer Majors - Oakville Buttery- R Hill Jet Ice - St G's Domion Cash and Simcoe Seniors Cash .Masters Zones - Senior Zones- Masters Regions  

Bob Edmondson, Don Moseley ( Ted) Williams, Michael Skafel, Greg ( Shooter)Ward
Busy curlers before Christmas in year 2011

NEWS FLASH - April 5 28- 2009  Team Edmondson of Oakville finishes The Canadian Championship  tied for first  ( 6 wins and 3 L's ).  Read the final wrap below.
At the exciting conclusion of the Round Robin, four(4) mens teams tied for 1st place with 6 wins and 3 L's each . A four team playoff was set up by virtue of who beat who in the RR. The final became Newfoundland (1)  with Manitoba (2) Ontario (3)  and BC (4). The skills competition ( won by Ontario)  did not come into the officials used as regression records to set up  the position 1 through 4 standings.

The 2008 Mens Champions (Pughe-BC) and the 2007 Champions (Edmondson-ONT) were in the playoffs, both shooting for a 2nd Canadian Championship Title. (NL) was searching for 2 big playoff wins to wins its 1st Masters title, but lost to BC in the semis. Team Manitoba ( Ray Orr) nosed out two great Canadian Championship teams  (ONT -semi and BC-finals), to capture the 2009 Championship. A great finish to a week that saw 7 teams within one game of 1st place after  RR play !
NEWS FLASH - Feb 28- 2009  Edmondson of Oakville wins Provincial Masters at Meaford 

Sent: Saturday, February 21, 2009 9:36 PM Subject: OCA Master Mens Champions

The final draw of the OCA Master Mens Championship has been played, and Team Edmondson from the Oakville Curling Club is the 2009 Master Mens Champion .

Team Edmondson won the Provincial title with a 6-1 Win-Loss record and now advance to the Canadian Championships In Saskatoon Feb 29 - Mar 5, 2009.

Team Storey (Elmvale Curling Club) came in second, with a 5-2 Win-Loss record. Team Holstein (Simcoe Curling Club) and Team Van Dine (Rideau Curling Club) were tied for third place (4-3). Team Edmondson has won The Ontario Masters Championship 3 years in a row and five of the last six years.

Team Edmondson needed to win Draw 7 to avoid a playoff. Edmondson's team pulled a win with good play and extended the winning streak at the provincials to 6 games in a row and capture their fith Ontario Champioship in six years.( The Oakville team met the pressure after dropping the opening game, and ran up the wins needed to defend the titles they won in 2004 2006,2007, and 2008.)

Complete game results, standing, photographs and other information are available on the Meaford curling website

Thanks for your interest over an exciting Championship!  Michael Anderson Meaford ccPress Release


Team E 2012
2011 Toronto Champions - 2012 Ontario Masters Finalists
Provincial Finalists 2012 - Thanks Moving On, Goldline and Oakville - Great Support !

Ontario Masters Champions - 5 out of 6 Years -

2008 Ontario Champions
NEWS FLASH - Feb 28- 2009  Edmondson of Oakville wins Provincial Masters at Meaford . Team wins its fourth title in a row ! 

The Bob Edmondson team, representing Team Oakville won the  2008 Ontario Masters Championship with a record of  7 wins and one loss in a 9  team round robin format, defeating 2 time Canadian Senior  and World Champion Bob Turcotte along the way.
Upward of 120 Mens teams started  the Masters playdowns leading to the  Ontario Masters Curling Championship, held recently at the Sun Parlour Curling Club in Leamington Ontario. 
In the deciding final game of the Round Robin vs Axel Larsen, Edmondson of Oakville stole the final end to tie the game, and then went on to capture the Provincial title by taking one more point in an Extra End and  to avoid a playoff  with  Team Larsen (representing Guelph CC). Larsen  is a former provincial Seniors Champion ( 2002).
For the final draw , there was a chance of a 4 way playoff . As Edmondson won the last game , the  Turcotte, Larsen, and Stoddart teams were eliminated from playoff contention .  Stoddart and Turcotte were also defeated in the final game. Team Edmondson of Oakville  has won the Masters Curling Championship of Ontario 4 of the last 5 years and are the Defending  Canadian Masters Curling Champions.  Team Members  are:
          Bob Edmondson, David Stewart, Brian Longley, Graham MacEachern
On the Ladies side , with a record of 7 - 0,  the Champions for 2008 are: ( From the Guelph Country Club)
          Pam Bothwell, Jean Richardson, Lois Fox, Wendy Cuthbert
Team Bothwell played in excess  of 120 games this season to prepare for the Masters Championship playdowns.
Masters Curlers are athletes who are 60(+) years of age in the year of  play . Masters Curlers are one the largest  group of curlers in Canada and are growing in numbers each year.
 Provincial Record of achievment for Team Edmondson ! Bob, David, Graham, Bob H, Brian 
2004  6-1  won playoffs  (8-1) - Provincial Champs !  Finalist ( Silver) at the Canadians (Kelowna BC)
2006  6-1  won playoffs  (7-1) - Provincial Champs ! Canadians one win from the playoffs. (Bridgewater NS) 
2007  6-1  won playoffs ( 7-1) - Provincial Champs ! Canadians GOLD Won the Championship (Glendale Ont.)
2008  7-1  Won Provincial Championship outright ( 7-1) - Canadians - one win from the playoffs (Nanaimo BC)
2009  6-1 Won Provincial Championship outright (6-1) - Canadians Made playoffs - Bronze (Saskatoon SK.) 
Provincial Cumulative win Loss Record - 35 wins - 5 L's  with 5 Championship Titles
2012 Record 2nd Place 5 W  - 2 L's . Team Dorey Champs at 6-1 
2018 Record 3rd Place A  5 W - 2 L's rr PO 1 L  . Team Hutchinsn  Champs at 4w 3 L'srr & PO of 3 w's
Recors now 55 games and 45 w's 10 L's 

Click for great Goldline Products !

Team Changes for 2009 - Stewart +- Longley retire - Ward and Mosely Williams Sign on !

David Stewart and Brian Longley have stepped aside from Masters Competitive play. Thanks David and Brian for all the wins at the Ontario's and the Canadian's. 

Our team has is pleased and proud to have Greg  Ward and Don Mosely- Williams joining our team for the 2009-2010 season ! Both of these players have been  to the Canadian Curling Chamionships as Champions of Ontario. Our team is looking forward to a great season and will be working hard to build  success in our curling adventures and in the Ontario Masters Playdowns 2010.

MASTERS CURLING TEAM 2009-2010 - From the Oakville Curling Club

Bob Edmondson, Don Moseley ( Ted) Williams, Michael Skafel, Greg ( Shooter)Ward


Monday, April 9

Edmondson's Oakville rink rules Canadian Masters Curling  By Denis Leblanc ( Courtesy of Hamilton Scores ) April 7, 2007

Bob Edmondson and his Oakville Curling Club rink are the Canadian Masters Champions

Skip Bob Edmondson, with vice David Stewart, second Brian Longley, and lead Graham MacEachern, representing Ontario, defeated Alberta's Keith Kaufman in the final of the Canadian Open Masters Curling Championship Saturday at Hamilton's Glendale Golf and Country Club. Edmondson scored two in the eighth and final end, to take the game 5-4.

Both teams finished round-robin play with 7-2 records but Alberta got the bye into the final because of it's win over Ontario earlier in the week.

The Edmondson quartet handily defeated Nova Scotia's Peter MacPhee 11-4 in the semifinal, stealing a game-ending five in the seventh end.

In the Women's division, the Glanford Curling Club rink skipped by Cathy Keys ended play with a 3-6 record.Alberta's Linda Wagner with vice Sandra Turner, second Marilyn Toews, and lead Betty Clarke were crowned champions after defeating Manitoba 9-6.

The Trail to the Canadian Championships for Team Oakville.
In in 27 playdown games the team record is 22 wins vs 5 losses !
Zones  3 - 1,  Regions  3 - 1 , Ontario's 7 - 1,   Canadians    9 - 2   A .815 Win percentage.

Canadian Championship - Round Robin Results 2007
1...Keith Kaufman - Alberta 7 - 2
2...Bob Edmondson - Ontario 7 - 2
3...Peter MacPhee - Nova Scotia 6 - 3
4...Al Gemmell - Northern Ontario 6 - 3
5...Hank Enns - British Columbia 6 - 3
6...Mike Carson - Quebec 4 - 5
7...Richard Leippi - Saskatchewan 3 - 6
8...Allen Gee - Yukon 3 - 6
9...Gord Snow - New Brunswick 2 - 7
10..Martin Bailey - Manitoba 1 - 8

Canadian Championship - Semi Final

Ontario...3 0 0 2 0 1 5 x.....11 Edmondson
N. Scotia 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 x.....04 Macphee

Final - Canadian Masters Championship

Alberta 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 0.....4 Kaufman
Ontario 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 2.....5 Edmondson

Canadian Champions- Oakville CC
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Friday, April 13
TEAM CANADA 2007 - Ontario Team are The Masters of Canadian Curling !


Bob Edmondson, David Stewart, Brian Longley and Graham MacEachern won the Canadian Masters Curling Championship for 2007 ! A round robin record of 7 and 2 was followed by victories in both in the semi-final and final Championship Matches that gave them the Title of Canadian Champions. This followed a thrilling and tightly contested Ontario Championship that saw them prevail in an exciting tiebreaker final to break a 6 wins one loss record after that left them tied for 1st after round robin play. Bob, Brian, and Graham reside in Mississauga while David is a Brampton resident. While they curl and support other clubs,(Dixie, Chin, Royals, Brampton) for competitive play they are proud to be curling out of the Oakville club.

Team Canada thanks our sponsor Moving On Real Estate Inc. 

Team Canada - Powered By Goldine Curling Products .
Please consider using these companies for your family and team. Thank You !

Sponsor - Canadian Champions
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Team Oakville wins Zone and Regions -Qualifies for the 2007 Provincial Championships


Ontario Champions
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Team Oakville went 6 and 1 in the round robin at the Provincial Championship in Owen Sound. Team Edmondson then won the playoff (5-4) over Team Turcotte Upwards of 130 Master Teams started the playdowns and they all curled hard in thier attempts to win the Ontario Championship and advance to the Canadians.
Bob Turcotte,6 - 1
Bob Edmondson,6 - 1
Earle Morris, 5 - 2
Bob Fedosa,Brian MacLennan,Reg Plaster, 3 - 4
Lee Penfold,Jerry Paine, 1 - 6

Team Members: Bob Edmondson, David Stewart, Brian Longley, Graham MacEachern.

THE PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONS OF ONTARIO 2006 - in Bridgewater Nova Scotia

Team Oakville Played in the Canadian Championships in Bridgewater NS in April 2005. This team missed the playoffs by one game . Alberta(Art Assman) was runner-up in the Canadian Championship final to the Team Canada winner, BC's Dale Mackenzie. Sask's Bernie Yudepski was in 3rd place followed in 4th by team  Ontario, skipped by David Stewart . Record at the Canadian's was 5-4 and  6 wins and 1 loss in The Ontario championship. After big wins in the zone(A) and the region(A),Team Oakville went 6 and 1 at the provincials and won a playoff over Rod Matheson( also 6-1) to win Ontario and advance to the Canadian Championship.

Team Members 2006:
- David Stewart, Bob Edmondson, Graham MacEachern, Bob Haw, John McIssiac

Tuesday, September 8
Don Moseley Williams and Greg Ward Join the team For 2009 -2010

Don Moseley-Williams- Profile


Position: Vice

Years Curled: 52     Age 65   Throws Right with a Balance Flat Foot Delivery

Resides: Toronto

Occupation:  Material Handling Sales

Born: North Bay, Ontario

Started Curling In- North Bay, Ontario

Early Curling Hero- Rudy Steski


Some Individual Career Highlights:  

1967 Ontario College Championships- Runner Up

1981 Canada Life First Event – Runner Up

1996 Northern Ontario Senior Championships – Tied for 1st - Bronze

1998 Canadian Senior Championships – Tied for 4th plus Won  plus/ minus with a 86 % shooting average

1998 CHAMPION Northern Ontario Senior Champion ( Wayne Lowe)

1999 Northern Ontario Senior Championships – Runner Up

2000 Northern Ontario Senior Championships – Runner Up

2001 Northern Ontario Senior Championships – Finalist

2002 Ontario Senior Championships - Finalist with Neil Harrison and Paul Savage

2005 Ontario Senior Mixed Championships – Runner Up

2005 Ontario Masters Championships – Runner Up ( Sharples)

2006 Ontario Masters Championships – Finalist

2007 Ontario Masters Championships – Runner Up (Turcotte)

2007 Ontario Intermediate Championships - Finalist

2008 Ontario Masters Championships – Runner Up ( Turcotte)


Throws: Right

Delivery Style: Flat Foot with no Lift rock start

Sweeps with: Balance Plus Carbon Fibre Shaft - Upgrading to Goldline

Footwear: Dacks Upgrading to Goldline

On Ice Clothing: Powered by Goldline and Moving on Real Estate

Member: Oakville CC, Dixie CC, Bayview CC, Richmond Hill CC, High Park CC,

Royals, Scarborough CC, Weston CC, Avonlea CC, North Bay Granite Club,  Kirkland Lake CC.

Skips Curling With:  Bob Edmondson, Bob Turcotte, Bob Fedosa, Neil Harrison,  Vic Suzuki, Barry Goring, Derek Lunn, Wayne Lowe, Peter Minogue, Dale Harten


Team Sponsors: Moving on Real Estate Broker Inc. – Goldline Curling – Oakville CC


Interests, Hobbies, Achievement

Family, Curling, Cycling, Tennis, Yoga, Slo-Pitch, Table Tennis


Greg Ward- Profile

Position: Lead

Years Curled:      Age    Throws Right with a Balance Flat Foot Delivery

Resides: Brampton

Occupation:  Retired - Business Manager @ Kodak


Started Curling In: 

Early Curling Hero:


Some Individual Career Highlights

Ontario Champion - Senior mens 2002

Runner- up Canadian Seniors Champioships 2002

Michael Skafel Joins Team Edmondson for 2008 -09 Season !

Skafel Checks In !
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We are pleased to have Michael Skafel as part of the team for 2008-9. Michael has played with a number of high profile and successful skips , including the legendary Earle Hushagen, World Champion Bob Turcotte and Canadian Champion Jim Sharples. We are counting on the experience Michael Skafel brings from his trips to  Provincial and Canadian Championships to assist our team in meeting its objectives for the upcoming events this season.  Michael is well equipped to fill the spot left by Graham MacEachern's retirement.

 Michael Skafel  
Position Second  
 Years Curled     46      Age  66   Throws Right with a Balanced Flat Foot delivery
 Resides -
 Occupation ( Retired ) Prof. Engineer
 Born - Minnedosa Manitoba
 Started curling in - Manitoba  - Brandon
 Early Curling Hero - Models
 Individual Career Highlights

     - 2009 Canadian Masters - Tied for 1st place - Playoffs - Bronze 
     - 2009 Ontario Masters Champion
     - 2003 Canadian Masters Finalist
     - 2003 Ontario Masters Champion
     - 2005, 2007 Ontario Masters Finalist - Runner-up
     - 1982 Ontario Mixed Runner-up
     - Seven other Ontario Provincial Appearances
 Recent Provincial Appearances a

       - 2009 Canadian Masters
       - 2009 Ontario Masters
       - 2009 Toronto Seniors Major League (RR and Playoff Champion) 
       - 2007 Ontario Masters 
       - 2006 Ontario Intermediates

Throws........... right
Delivery Style..Flat Foot with a no Lift rock start . Goldline Broom sliding and balance
Sweeps with... Goldline Carbon Fibre shaft and performance head by Andre Ferland.
Footwearchoice ....Goldline Perimeter Slider on Historic Dack Shoes...
On Ice Clothing... Powered By Goldline and Moving On Real Estate
Gloves and Off Ice Wear ...Goldline  and Moving On Real Estate
Learned to Curl... in Winnipeg Manitoba.
A member of the Royal Canadian, Dixie and Oakville Curling Clubs.  

Curled with Other Skips Sharples . Tetley, Richardson, Duguid, Lobel, Hushgagen 

 Team Sponsors
     - Movin On Real Estate Broker Inc.
     - Goldline Curling
     - Oakville Curling Club

  Interests , Hobbies, Achievement
     - Family, Sailing, Skiing, Cycling

Bob Edmondson, - Ontario Masters Champion 2009, (skip)2008(skip)2007(skip), 2004(skip) and 2006 (Alternate)

The Skip Guy !

Ontario Curling Association - Honorary Lifetime Member Award

Bob has skipped teams to 20 Ontario Provincial Championship Playdowns!

This by winning Zone and Regions victories in the Men's Tankard, Men's Intermediates, Men's Senior's and Mens Master's and Mens Grandmasters. Teams skipped by Bob have won many other events including the Deloitte and Touche Toronto City Championships, the TCA Brick and TCA Energizer and GoldlineToronto City Championships. The recent 2018 Masters Provincials gives Bob Fifteen OCA Provincial Championship appearances  as a skip. plus 5 grand Masters ( Now CurlON)  provincials the provincial count rises to 20 as a skip !   In 2006 Bob was selected  to be the performance specialist and consultant for the New Zealand Curling Team at the XX Winter Olypics games(Torino Italy). Bob also skipped his Masters team into the 2006 Ontario Provincials B4 heading to New Zealand, Japan, TaiPei and onto the Torino Olympics in Italy. 

Resident ...Mississauga
Throws......... right
Delivery Style..Flat Foot with a swing the rock start
Sweeps with... Goldline  and B plus carbon Fibre handlea and Performance Brush by Andre Ferland/IQ - BP & Norway heads by GL.
Footwearchoice ....Goldline Regal Shoes w Perimeter Teflon slder
On Ice Clothing... Powered By Goldline
Gloves and Off Ice Wear ...Goldline
Learned to Curl... in Carstairs Alberta 4 sheet covered  curling club.
Has attained  GOLD - SILVER and BRONZE standings at the Canadian Masters Championships
....2004 ...Masters Ontario Champion ! Silver Finalist at the Canadian Chamionship
....2002,'05, '11 Toronto City Champions Toronto's Largest Curling Champioships. ....2006 ...Masters Ontario Champion ! * alternate w 2006 Olympics  conflict
....2007...Masters Ontario Champion .
....2007...Canadian Masters Champion !   Gold Standing Number One in Canada
....2008...Masters Ontario Champion !  4th Place at the Canadian Championship 
....2009...Masters Ontario Champion !  Bronze at the Canadian Championship 
Torino Winter Olympics Participant  2006 .... -Team New Zealand Oympic Curling Team.
....Champions - 2006 Brantford Big Chief- Team New Zealand Sports Official
....Bronze Medalist- 2006 Pacific Championships - Team New Zealand Sports Official
....Silver Medalist- 2006 Japan Karuizawa Nationals as New Zealand's Sports Official

Bob remains an aactive member of The Oakville,and Dixie and Curling Clubs.

(some past initiatives) Volunteer and Curling  Communications supporter 

.... High School Curling Club President Carstairs 1959
.... Edmonton Granite CC- Director& Secretary-
....Toronto Curling Association-Member,, The TCA Marketing Team
....Ontario Curling Association - Charter member of the OCA promotion/development committee w Fran Todd, A Merklinger, F Temples
....Toronto Major League - Director, Advisor
....Ontario Curling Tour-advisor-Marketing, Web site starter, OCT Championship . 
....Humber Highland CC - Publisher of Club newsletter On The Button
....Humber Highland CC - Director of the Humber Open Major League w Hushagen
....Bayview CC - Implementor of a Senior ML Web Site.
....Oakville  and Acton CC.. Co-Founder and advisor of two Major leagues. ....Oakville Major League .. Implementor of the Web-site, stats and writer.
.... St G's Senior West Major League- co founder and director, rule advisor
 ....Nine Ontario Major League's communication info into the Toronto Star Sports Page - pre internet 
....Canandian Masters Curling Volunteer - Canadian Web Site implementation and contributor
....Dixie Curling Club - Rock Performance  analysis and advisor  to the icemaker Peter and club Mananger
....Dixie CC-Newswriter, stats, and promotion advisor Scotties Championship 2007
 Column - " the winners circle" 

Brian Longley Joins Team Edmondson in 2007 !

The New Guy
view full size

2 time Canadian Champion Brian Longley joined on our team for the 2007 season ! Brian has helped Team "E" win the 2007,  2008, and 2009 Masters Provincial Titles and a Canadian Championship(2007) ! Brian  has won eight Ontario Provincial Championships and  now has three Canadian Championship Titles.
Latest News..Brian Longley -Ontario Curling Association Life Member (Inducted  2008)

Throws........... right
Delivery Style..Flat Foot with a swing the rock start . Corn Broom sliding and balance
Sweeps with... Goldline Carbon Fibre shaft and performance head by Andre Ferland.
Footwearchoice ....Goldline Perimeter Slider on Historic Dack Shoes...
On Ice Clothing... Powered By Goldline
Gloves and Off Ice Wear ...Goldline
Learned to Curl... in Winnipeg Manitoba.
A member of the Royal Canadian, Dixie and Oakville Curling Clubs.

Some of the Victories Brian Longley has earned !

....2007 Canadian Champion ! Masters
....2000 Canadian Champion ! Masters
....1992 Canadian Champion ! Seniors
....1999 Canadian Championship - Runner-Up ! Seniors

Eight Time Ontario Champion
....2003,2000,2007, 2008 Ontario Champion ! Masters
....1992,1994,1998,1999 Ontario Champion ! Seniors

Recent Victories
....2005 Masters Provincial Competitor ! ( Sharples)
....2006 Masters Provincial Competitor !
....2007 Masters Provincial Competitor ! ( Edmondson)
....2007 Provincial and Canadian Champion! Masters !
....2008 Provincial Masters Championship


THE PROVINCIAL CHAMPIONS OF ONTARIO 2004 in Kelowna BC for the Canadians!

Team Oakville Played the Canadian Championships in Kelowna BC in March 2004. This team qaulified for the playoffs ( rr 3rd place  @ 5-3), won the semi-finals (def Alberta) and was runner-up in the Canadian Championship final to the winner, Manitoba's Martin Bailey. One win (or rock) from winning the Canadian Championship . Team Edmondson was 6-1 in Ontario play and won two tie-breakers to capture the 2004 Ontario Masters Provincial Title.

Team Members - Ontario Champions 2004:
Bob Edmondson, David Stewart, Graham MacEachern, Bob Haw.

Monday, March 13
John McIsaac Joins the team ! and wins the Province in 2006 !

John McIsaac filled in at the 2006 Masters Provincial Championship and helped Team Oakville win the 2006 Masters Provincial Title. John played at the at the second stone position. John also played alternate for team Edmondson Seniors team in London in the 2005 Seniors Provincial Championship and zones and regions.

John is an expert front end player and has been to 3 other provincial playdowns titles for Team Oakville in previous years. (playing for the Ed Desormo OCC Team)

Broom...Performnce carabon Fibre


view full size
Team Edmondson advanced to the Provincial playdown and Won the province.   136 teams started the competition for the Ontario Title and this team from Oakville came out on top The team is comprised of Bob Edmondson, David Stewart, Graham MacEachern , and Bob Haw .

This team survived 2 elimination levels ( Zones , then Regions) to earn their chance at winning the Provincial Championships at Kingston ON. Feb 24-29 2004. A round robin winning record of 6 wins and 1 loss left them tied for 1st Place with 2 other teams. 2 wins in a tiebreaking format ( defeated Garnet Warriner-Port Perry CC and Bruce Macrea -Brant CC )left Team Oakville with a record of 8 wins and 1 loss..And the Provincial Masters Champions Title for 2004 .

The team traveled to the Canadian Championship in Kelowna ( Mar 14-21 2004)in quest of another title. That being Masters Champions of Canada


Bob Haw is the Lead - Ontario Masters Champion 2006 and 2004( Retired 2007)

Bob Haw is a three Time Ontario Provincial Curling Champion and has played in many provincial curling championships. Bob is also a inducted member of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame, and has played in professional Lacrosse Leagues. Bob is one of the best at the lead position and has also played second in the Provincial Mixed. Bob Retired from competitive curling for the 2007 season.

Throws...right modified flat foot
Sweeps.... left or right
Equipment Choice...High Performance 1" Revolution Brush by Curling Andre Ferland
Footwear... Dack Shoes
Learned to Curl....Ontario
Club Member - Huntsville and Oakville Curling Clubs
Recent Victories
....2005 Masters Zone 8 winner !
....2006 Masters Zone 8 winner !
....2006 Masters Regional Winner !
....2006 Masters Ontario Champion !

Graham MacEachern, Ontario Masters Champion -2004(Second) , 2006( Vice), 2007,2008 Lead

The G-Mac Guy
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G Mac has Fifteen Provincial Playdown appearances on his resume . He has been Skip, Vice, Second and Lead.For 2007 and 08 "G Mac"  played lead stone, setting up the ends. Graham retired from competitive curling at the start of the 2009 Season. Best wishes

Delivery Style ... No lift...
Release....uses a touch/push for weight style
Sweeps ..right or left
Broom Choice.. Curling Andre Ferland Revolution 1 1/8"
On Ice Clothing... Powered By Goldline
Gloves and Off Ice Wear ...Goldline
Footwear... Dack shoes
Started Curling in Little Current
Club Member ..Oakville Curling Club
Ontario Curling Assoc...Zone representative and competitions official

Recent Victories
....2004 Ontario Masters Champion !
....2005 Senior Mens Provincial Championship Participant (Lost,R 1 Playoffs)
....2005 Masters Zone winner !
....2006 Seniors Zone 8 winner !
....2006 Ontario Masters Champion !
....2007 Masters Region 2 Winner !
....2007 Ontario Masters Champion !
....2007 Canadian Champion !
....2008 Ontario Masters Champion  !


David Stewart is the Vice - Ontario Masters Champions 2009,2008,2007,2004 and 2006 ( Skip)

The Master at Vice !

David is an expert at the vice position , winning the 2007 Canadian Masters Championship as a vice along with five Ontario titles as the vice skip. David has won Ontario Curling Championships in the  Intermediates, Senior and Master Men's in the vice position. Teams with David as vice have twice made the Canadian Championship final game, both time winning the silver Medals,  David supported an Ontario Seniors Championship Team at the National level as 5th man(Team Turcotte). David has won a Provincial as a skip in the Ontario Governer Generals Provincial Curling Championships. In 2006 David won another Provincial Title as Skip of Team Oakville Masters when he moved to the teehead when Bob Edmondson was in Torino for the Olympics could not participate in the Ontario Provincials. David is a eight time Ontario Provincial Champion,
Latest News; In 2008 David was inducted into the Brampton Sports Hall of fame and also recieved the Ontario Curling Association Life Member Award !

Resident of Brampton
Throws Right
Style of delivery is Flat Foot, with a swing the rock start
Uses a flow release
On Ice Clothing... Powered By Goldline
Gloves and Off Ice Wear ...Goldline
Footwear Choice...Dack Shoes
Brush Choice.. Goldline Carbon fibre handle + Performance Brush by Andre Ferland.
Club member...Oakville, Brampton and Chingcousy Curling Clubs

Recent Victories For David:

....2004 Masters Provincial Champion !
....2005 Senior Mens Zone 9 Winner(team Fedosa)
....2005 Masters Zone winner
....2005 Toronto City Champions - Energizer Senior Champion
....2006 Senior Mens Zone 9 Winner (team Fedosa)
....2006 Masters Provincial Champion !
....2007 Masters Mens Zone 8 winner !
....2007 Masters Region(2) Winner !
....2007 Masters Provincial Champion !
....2007 Canadian Masters Curling Champion !
....2008 Masters Provincial Champion !


Al Keating Fills the Gap At the Canadians

A Kelowna resident was called from the bench to the curling ice at the Canadian Championships to assist TEam Ontario . Team Ontario had two cases of food poisioning and a team member who had to fly home to Ontario during the playoffs. Al Keating played 5 games for Team Ontario and sports a 4 win and 1 loss record at the Canadians. Al Keating is a BC Champion of Curling (Elks)and in his former curling days in Ontario, Al played in 3 Provincial Championships. Al is a past president of the Kelowna Curling Club and is known as builder of curling. Al is a person who is always helping out the curling community . Team Oakville thanks Al Keating for the help !