Oklahoma Pink Sox: Welcome



We are the 16u Oklahoma Pink Sox and we love to play Fastpitch Softball!  We are a tournament team always striving to improve our game and to play at the elite level of competition.  Our players are ambitious, determined, hard working, DISCIPLINED, FOCUSED, and most of all, TEAM PLAYERS, willing to do what it takes to make their own dreams and the dreams of the team as a whole, come true.  Our coaching staff gives the players the chance to improve their game and earn their positions out right, nothing is given away for free.  Therefore, our players are always working hard to improve their skills to keep their position or to gain a new position. The skills our players are taught by our coaches are not just softball skills, they are life skills too. The Head coach coaches with integrity and discipline and has the best interest of the team in mind with every decision he makes.  And even though some decisions may not be agreeable to all, he will still try to do his best for each and every individual player and the team as a whole.  The goal of this team is to not only play the best game they can, but to learn skills, mentally and physically, and work towards achieving their dreams of playing college ball one day, and becoming outstanding citizens as adults.  Thank you for visiting our site and please sign our guest book and let us know who you are!  Play Ball!