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Tuesday, April 12
Encouraging and Challenging Today's Youth to be the Best

Early Registration

Cost $300

Until June 2nd

 Limit 25 per team


CenterPoint Mall

April 14th, 21st and 28th

May 5th,12th,19th and 26th


After that fee is $350 

We are the Oxnard 49ers Youth Football Organization 
of the
Pacific Youth Football League

For the past 16 years our kids have grown to play at
  Channel Islands,Pacific,Rio Mesa,Hueneme,Oxnard,  Camarillo,Santa Clara, Ventura and Saint Bonaventure
High Schools.

Tyrone Faanono,Bryan Almontes  
Matthew Velasquez,Oscar Garcia,Hosea Faagogo,Angel Sapien
  Jeremy Sanchez,Sammy Sinsun, Jason Balades,Lakaki Palmer      Tai Salanoa,Bobby Diaz,Henry Fernandez, Koa and Miller Aupui
Conner Armstrong,Nick Porter,Gregory Gonzales, Cameron Toilolo,
Santos Reyes,Andy Pantoja,Raymond Reyes,Vince Moraga
Herman Young,Ina Liana,Jordyn Aupiu,David Ortiz,
Art Gilbreath Greg Herrera Jerry Madueno

are just a few of our 49ers.

Others have moved with their families
out of state as part of their Military Obligations.

Greg Mathews #13 Michigan University 2007 Sophmore

has scored 2 touchdown this year

We would like to extend our thanks to all of you
that have been part of our family
and wish you the very best.

Our goal as an organization is
is to see our children grow
yes in maturity,
but also in knowledge,
character, pride and confidence

"The game we play is football"

"It is a reality in life that men are competitive and the most

competitive games draw the most competitive team.

That's why there here -- to compete"

Vince Lombardi

God Bless America

Monday, March 15
Basketball Win Awards for League Play

2011 49ers Basketball 

6th Grade Team Second Place

 Neko Aupiu   Adam Velasquez  Wallace Tagata 

Isaiah Sierra  Isaiah Duran  Nick Salazar

3/4th Grade Sportsmanship Award

Jaedin McMann    Jacob Lemus     Jeremiah Reynosa

Micheal McMann    Marion Roper   Frederick Romero

Raymond Laupola    Tau Fotu   Ryan Cardenas   Isaiah Sieja





ucla flag
Tuesday, July 13
UCLA host 49ers Sept 11

Sept 11,2010

UCLA Welcomes 120 49er

Players and Families

Home Opener vs Stanford


Monday, October 4
2010 Oxnard 49ers Schedule

Week 4

October 9th 


                            Bantams     at        Valley Black              1:00 pm

                            Midgets     at       Camarillo Silver         2:45 pm

                           Seniors       at        Hueneme                   5:00 pm


October 10th

Peewees     at     Thousand Oaks              9:00 am


Board Members

Ruben Velasquez    Jose Rodriguez    Roland Gonzales

Fernando Romero        Juan Camacho







Friday, July 30
Sponsors supporting 49ers

Would like to thank the Following  companies

 County Schools Federal Credit Union

Limoneria of Santa Paula 


for joining us as sponsors


Conner Armstrong
Monday, October 4
Former Niners in High School

Lakaki Palmer

 Oxnard HS vs Ventura play on Oct 8th at OHS


Oxnard HS

Tyrone Faanono (Freshman) Fullback for scores touchdown and gains 114 yards vs San Marcos

St Bonaventure

Jeremy Sanchez 60 yard TD reception vs Moorpark


Connor Armstrong   4 tds   38 carries for 278 yards


Jr Varsity


Oscar Garcia  and Matt Velasquez  play well vs San Marcos




Monday, September 14
Greg Mathews Now a Chicago Bear



 Coach Ruben,

This is Greg Mathews mom and I just wanted to send you some pictures of an old Gold Coast 49er who is now a Chicago Bear! ! ! !

Lesia Mathews 

Played for the Niners in 1998-1999

The senior wide receiver led Michigan with five catches for 68 yards and the winning touchdown against Notre Dame, and his role was clear: U-M went to him mostly in desperation, knowing he has fabulous hands.

That's what happened on third-and-12 in the first quarter when he made his stunning, 40-yard, one-handed grab. He was targeted on fourth-and-11 on the drive just before halftime, again when U-M needed a safety catch to open the final drive. He was targeted on the winning TD after LaTerryal Savoy had dropped an end-zone pass the play before.

Even on Tate Forcier's interception, a play Mathews conceded was his fault because he misread the coverage and ran the wrong route, it was a third-and-11 and he was expected to keep the drive alive.

"After that happened I felt bad, and I knew I had to definitely make up for it," Mathews said. "I didn't want to think about sitting in the locker room and having to go through what I've been through. ... I definitely wanted to atone for that mistake."

With Junior Hemingway out, Darryl Stonum hurt and Savoy missing his chance, U-M went to its safety valve to win the game and Mathews was there for another bailout.


Thursday, March 27

2007 and 2008 Proud Sponsor

 Oxnard Elks #1443


Thursday, October 5
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