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Thursday, January 27
Spring 2011 Roster

First off, we would like to thank everyone who came out for tryouts. There was a lot of great talent. Unfortunately, we could not take everyone. The Spring 2011 Roster is as follows: 

Taylor Wilson

Will Estel

Max Krapff

Duong Than 

Arturo Pino

Matt Regens 

Mathew Niemitall

Michael Yacovoni

Ben Stroik

Jonesy Jones

 Pablo Vial

Brandon Joachim

Shawn Carney

Josh Carney

Nick Dalheim

John Krutty

Kyle Crockett

Brett Deatherage

Braden McCaleb

Erin Allen

Jordan Williams

Mustafa Qader

Ali Munif

Hermann Jaklitsch

Steve Bernick

Nick Burdick

Marcin Rutkowski

Kenton Panas

Caleb Prentice

Nathan Barry 

Please send us an email at oumenssoccer@gmail.com as soon as possible to confirm your participation. We hope to hear from everyone by 12:00pm tomorrow, Friday January 28. If not, it will be automatically assumed that you have not accepted your position on the team.