OU Mens Soccer Club: Welcome


The OU Men's Soccer Club is a student organization whose purpose is to offer full time students the highest level of men's soccer possible in the absence of a men's varsity team at OU. We compete in the Oklahoma Collegiate Club Soccer League through the Oklahoma Soccer Association, and in NIRSA (National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association). OU has won the League Championship 5 of the last 11 seasons that they have been a part of the league.

OU Men's Soccer Club offers students an opportunity to play as a representative of the University of Oklahoma against other college teams. Our opponents include Oklahoma State, Univ. of Arkansas, Univ of Tulsa, Univ of Central Oklahoma and Rose State College. Other competition includes potential friendly matches against different Universities in Texas, Kansas, and Missouri.

The level of play is comparable to an elite level youth league team, but a few years older. The speed of play is quick and the players are fit and strong. The team practices twice a week in the late afternoon, and plays fall and spring seasons of weekend games. We will compete in the NIRSA Regional Tournament, with a chance to qualify for NIRSA National Tournament.

Tuesday, January 21
Spring 2014 Tryouts

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a great Winter break and is ready for some OU soccer. We are all really looking forward to this upcoming season, especially coming off of our best season to date last fall.

We will be holding open practice tryouts this week and next week. This week we will have practice Wednesday and Thursday. However Thursday has a high of 27, so may be cancelled. Next week we will try to play Monday thru Thursday. These practices will all take place at 4:30.  They will take place at our field located by the pool and tennis courts on Timberdell and Jenkins.

Please contact us at oumenssoccer@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.


Nick Dalheim 

Monday, October 7
OU-B Defeats Ecclesia

Another OU win this weekend, with OU-B defeating Ecclesia College 2-0. It was a well fought game, where the Sooners showed their dominance for the whole game, with a lot of help from the stout defense,

First goal came from a back post run and finish from Brendon Thomason. Second goal was a ripper from Taha Usmani in the second half. All OU teams remain undefeated and atop the table, obviously.

Both teams will be on a bye for this weekend due to the OU vs. UT football game in Texas, but will return to action the following weekend!


Sunday, September 29
OU-A Wins the Bedlam Battle over OSU

BEDLAM! OU-A looked to continue its dominance and did so once again with a great 3-1 victory over little borther OSU. A great step forward in the season with solid play from everybody.

Despite letting up a non-sense goal early on in the first half, OU rallied on and tied it up with a great touch and cross from Zach Brinlee to Marcin Rutkowski who finished it with ease to score his 2nd of the season. Second half OU came out firing with a nice back post shot from Jordan Elgin to give the Sooners the lead. And to put the cherry on top of this sundae, Nick (Steven Gerrard) Dalheim had a rocket of a shot from outside the 18 to the upper ninety to make it 3-1 and put it just out of those cowgirls grasp. Also shout out to Kristian Ford with a goal line save before ripping down the net in the process.

 Our defense were solid as usual and rarely get the credit they deserve. So hats of to you boys: John Krutty, Drew Donica, Matt Niemitalo, kristian Ford, Brett Moore and Blake Lawson.

The journey has just begun boys! 

Wednesday, September 25
Weekend Recap 9/22

Well, since the football team was team was on a bye week all of the pressure from Sooner land fell upon the OU men's soccer teams. And they did not disappoint. 

The Cream team played a miraculous game beating Arkansas the Fall 2012 champions. Both goals scored by our recent Swedish import Filip Lindblom. A well played game all around to come out with a win IN Fayetteville. The cream team is currently on the top of the table with 4 points.

The Crimson team went into Tulsa with high expectations and did not leave disappointed. A 3-1 win over Tulsa gave the Crimson team the W they were looking for. With goals coming from an 18 yard ripper from Marcin Rutkowski, a smash of a header from John Krutty  off a corner kick (I think I heard him yell "Dunk Face" mid jump, but I may have been wrong), and a well placed shot from the old man Nate Barry himself. Drew Donica sought to get in the action as well after a misfortunate turn of events giving Tulsa their only goal. 

Great effort all around by both teams. Great start of season so far. Keep up the work boys!


Monday, September 16
Schedule Fall 2013

Sorry for the delay, but here are the schedules for our teams this semester. The games are assigned to specific weekends and will be decided on a day and time with their opponent.  


9/14-15 Tulsa (Away/ to be rescheduled)

9/21-22 COLSA (Home)

9/28-29 OSU (Home)

10/5-6 OU-B (Home)

10/12-13 BYE

10/19-20 Ecclesia (Away)

10/26-27 Arkansas (Home)



9/14-15 OSU (Away

9/21-22 Arkansas (Away)

9/28-29 BYE

10/5-6 Ecclesia (Home)/ OU-A (Home)

10/12-13 BYE

10/19-20 Tulsa (Home)

10/26-27  COLSA (Home)

Thursday, September 5

Hey fellas,

Again, I want to thank everyone for coming out to tryouts and an extra week of playing. We had a hard time narrowing the list down even a little bit. With that said, we still have a large list; it’s larger than we wanted. So, I will post all of the names and if you are worried about your playing time come talk to me and I will give you the low down. Inevitably some people will not come back, some will stop showing up and some will get injured. Additionally, we will definitely be losing players in the spring. Because of this we are maintaining a large list of players.

Crimson: Matt Dehr, Double D, Kristian, Nemo, Krutty, Haakon, Dally, Sage, Max, Brinlee, Murph DAWG, Nate, Cole, Lovette,Moose, Jordan Elgin, Marcin, Evan, Blake (Lovette’s Friend), Brett Moore.


Cream: Cody (of Cody and Austin), Zach Cotner, Maddox, Mario Penate, Dylan Smith, Ali Saber, Cadams, Taha, Erin Allen, Jared Glenn, Shayan, Andy Slettebaugh, David Flood, Niall Hayes, David Gruver, Sean Parker, Ethan Moore, Victor, Brendon, Marky Mark with the flats, Alex Quiroga, Joe (Lovette’s Friend), Alex Lensing, Filip, Jonathan, Ders, Carlos Resendez.


Undecided: Micheal, Tolu, Chidozie, Pugh, Conner Harwell, German Max, James ‘Dingo’


Remember guys, this list will dwindle over the semester so don’t immediately think that this is so many people. But, if you feel that you won’t get the time that you want, just talk to me as soon as possible about it. Once the season starts and games kick off each person will know where they stand if you don’t already. Also, the crimson list seems much shorter, but is only shorter by a few names (mostly because of first names only).



Please email me if you cannot make it to the meeting, do not want to play, or just to make me aware of any issues.

Include the word "soccer" in the title of any emails that you send to the below address, please. 



email: nate.b4rry@gmail.com

Friday, August 16
Fall 2013- Info

School is almost in session, so that means OU soccer is about to start! We will be holding meetings this weekend (8/17-8/18) to discuss details for the upcoming season. We are planning to hold try-outs the second week of school. Please keep checking our website, facebook, and twitter for more information as it develops. We are really looking forward to this season and to everyone coming out to try-outs.


Nick Dalheim 

Sunday, August 18
Fall 2013 Tryout Information


We will be holding tryouts for the fall semester starting Monday 8/26 - Friday 8/30 at 5:30 pm everyday. Please try and make it out as much as possible, we understand class may interfere which is why it is all week. We will be holding tryouts at the OU Intramural fields near Timberdell and Jenkins. We are really looking forward to a great semester of soccer and expecting some great talent to come out. Please bring your cleats, elbow pads (optional), some water, and $10 for a tryout fee.

Let's go get it boys!

 -Nick Dalheim

Sunday, September 1
Fall 2013 Tryout Results

First, I want to thank everyone who came out to tryouts. If you do not see your name here then feel free to email me and ask, in case you were overlooked or mistaken for someone else.

There were a lot of players and most of you were far better than some players we have picked up in the past. This made it extremely hard to pick players. Like we had said before, we are looking for about 15 players and we currently have about 30 players that we like. This means that we still have decisions to make. So, we will post all the names and hope to see you guys out this week as well. We will plan on meeting every day this week. If you can't make it out every day, do not worry; just come out when you can (the more the better). We will meet @ 530 at our field on the corner of Jenkins and Timberdell. It is across Jenkins from where we were last week; behind the pool and across from the tennis courts.

The list is below.



Matt Dehr, Kristian Ford, Drew Donica, John Krutty, Matthew Nemo, Haakon Triengeried, Max Krapff, Zach Brinlee, Jordan Murphy, Mustafa Qader, Cole Stutz, Nathan Barry, Nick Dalheim, Nick Lovette, Jordan Elgin, Marcin Rutkowski, Zach Cotner, Tyler Maddox, Mario Penate, Dylan Smith, Ali Saber, Sage, Johnson, Chris Adams, Erin Allen, Taha Usmani, Tolu, Chidozie, Michael, Stephen


NEW FELLAS (this list will be cut down by the end of the week, so pleas show up)


GOAL KEEPERS, Conner Harwell, Robin, Max, Dingo,

DEFENDERS, Brett Moore, Jared Glenn, Shayan, Andy Slettebaugh, Sam Kaserman, David Flood, Conner Knudeson, Alex Long

WINGS, Alex Lensing, Ethan Moore, Filip Lindbloom, Carlos Resendez, Jonathan – DE

CENTER MIDS, Matt Mills, David Groover, Sean Parker,

STRIKERS, Brendon, Alex Quiroga, Mark Sukalski, Joe Dougherty,

OTHERS WHOM I DIDN’T HAVE YOUR POSITION, Niall Hayes, Andrew Amrein, Blake (Lovette’s friend), Victor (blonde mullethawk), Tyler (Group 2), Sean Finlayson, Tim Waldman,