Our Lady of Charity CYO: Coaches

Saturday, October 4
Athletic Director

Tom Bradley

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Saturday, October 4
CYO Coaches Application

Because of the growing number of requirements to be able to coach youth sports, we are instituting a coaches application. This application will have to be read over and signed for each sport that you are interested in coaching. It explains that there are two criminal background checks and two seminars that must be attended before ever stepping foot onto the field or court as a coach. Information regarding these requirements can be found in this "Coaches" section of the website. It also includes a code of conduct, which we expect every coach to follow.

We are happy that a growing number of people seem to be interested in coaching in our CYO program. This is another reason to put this into use at this time. Remember that you are applying for the position of coach and just because you fill out an application, doesn't mean that you are the coach. Our Athletic Director will review all applications and interview potential coaches before making a decision on who is best suited to coach in our program.

All applications must be submitted to the Athletic Director.

Handout: Coaches Application

Saturday, October 4
Prerequisites for Coaching
These things must be completed before stepping onto the field/court as a coach for Our Lady of Charity CYO.



  1. The PA State Police criminal background check. This can be done online or through the mail. List yourself as the requester so the form comes back to you. The form can be downloaded from the "Handouts" section.  A link to this online can be found in the "Links" section.
  2. Once the criminal background is received or printed from online, attach a copy to the Child Abuse form, which can be downloaded from the "Handouts" section and mail it to the address on the form. This has to be done through the mail.
  3. A Safe Environments Seminar called "Protecting God's Children" must be attended. In the "Links" section, click on Virtus link. This takes you to the Vitus website where you can search for times and locations and register for the class.
  4. A coaches orientation must also be attended. The most up to date schedule can be downloaded from the "Handouts" section.


A copy of the forms must be given to the Athletic Director prior to coaching. Please contact the Athletic Director with any questions.

Saturday, October 4
Coaches Report

One of these reports should be filled out at the end of every sport that you coach and submitted to the Athletic Director for review. It helps us to prepare for next season.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Handout: Coaches Report