Our Lady of Charity CYO: Parent Section

Saturday, May 24
A Parents Guide to OLC CYO Activities

The overall goals of OLC's athletics are as follows:

Develop and improve the athletic skills of each participant.

Utilize each participant's abilities to the fullest in order to compete successfully as a

To attain these goals it is necessary for each participant to commit himself or herself to doing what is necessary to be successful. That commitment requires from the participant attendance and complete focus when at practice and games.

What about having fun? As an organization OLC CYO wants and hopes for the participants to have fun. However, in the context of competitive sports, particularly at the varsity level, fun should be a matter of working hard in practice and competing to be as good a team as OLC can put on the field or court. It is not a matter of keeping your child entertained. Sports, when played as a team with skill and effort, should be fun for those participating.

Please recognize that playing time in games is not guaranteed. Ability will be the primary basis upon which playing time is allocated. However, effort, behavior and attitude throughout the course of the season will also be significant factors in determining playing time. Ultimately it is the coach's decision as to who plays and how much. Please take note that surrounding community sponsored sports leagues often provide guaranteed playing time so if that is a primary concern, you may want to pursue that option in addition to OLC CYO or even in place of OLC CYO.

Depending on the number of children signing up for a particular sport there may be tryouts and subsequently roster cuts in order to determine the final team roster. If your child does not make the team, you will be given a full refund of your registration fee.

Once the team is selected the coaches will establish and communicate individual team rules and their philosophy on how the team will operate, including playing time. If you have any problems with how the team is operating, first discuss your concerns with the coach in a reasonable and non-confrontational manner. If you remain dissatisfied after meeting with the coach, the next step would be a meeting with the CYO Athletic Director.

Please take the time to discuss the above with your child so it is clearly understood by both of you.

Thank you for your interest in OLC CYO.