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Friday, September 12
Wagdogs: Online and Offline Payments

This is a very important topic which is addressed in the Wagdogs step by step instructions.  When you come to the end of the registration process on Wagdogs, it asks if you want to pay "online" or "offline".  If you pay "online", there are extra fees which are added on top of the registration fee.  Our CYO only gets the registration fee.  For example, the soccer registration fee is $45, if you pay "online" you will pay $48.25.  Our CYO only receives $45, the other $3.25 goes to the credit card company and Wagdogs.

I strongly recommend that you pay "offline".  We will always have three Sundays during the registration periods that we make ourselves available to collect the Wagdogs registration forms and registration fees.  There is no extra charges if you pay your registration fee this way.

We will not refund any fees that you pay if you choose to pay "online".  Remember that our CYO only receives the registration fee and not the extra fees.  Please pay "offline" and bring a copy of your registration form and payment to our Registration Days.

Thank you

Saturday, May 24
Step by Step Instructions for Registration on Wagdogs

Welcome to a new era in CYO registrations. Wagdogs has been designed to centralize the information that you will need as a parent of a child in CYO sports. Please use the instructions below to become a member and register your children. I hope this is a good experience for everyone.

Please read all of the instructions before attempting to register your child, in paticular the payment information.


1. Go to www.wagdogs.com. Click “Become a Member”. If you are already a member, go to step 5.

2. Fill out the registration screen (remember your password).

3. Check your email that you used to become a member of Wagdogs for instructions on how to activate your account. If you don’t see your activation email, it’s most likely in your spam folder.

4. Click on the link in the activation email to activate your account.

5. Select “Login” and enter your email address and password.

6. It then directs you to your “My Wagdogs” page. It should read “My Wagdogs for (your name)”.

7. Select “Register for a League”.

8. Choose the CYO from the list. "Our Lady of Charity CYO, Brookhaven".

9. On the next page, select the sport from the drop down box. For Parish (the second drop down box), choose your parish, for most of you it will be “Our Lady of Charity, Brookhaven”, but we do have children from other parishes that play football for our CYO. That is why they ask this question. Select “Next”.

10. Fill in your child’s information in the “Player” section. Select “Next”.

11. Next is the “Volunteer” page. Check any boxes that pertain to you, if any. Please ignore the statement that reads “Electing to not assist may require an additional non-participation fee as determined by your CYO organization.” This does not pertain to our CYO. Select “Next”.

12. Next you need to read through the medical information and answer accordingly. Put any allergies, medical conditions, medication and any other health related information in the box provided. Check “I Agree” then select “Next”.

13. Next you must consent to the “Image Release” page. Check “I Agree” then select “Next”.

14. Next you must agree to the “Code of Conduct” page. We will be able to add our own code of conduct in the future if we choose. Check “I Agree” then select “Next”.

15. When you get to the “Finish” page, you must review your information before choosing a payment option. There are two payment options, “Pay Online” and “Pay Offline”.

16. If you choose to “Pay Online” using a credit card, there is an additional 5% plus $1 fee added to the registration fee. This money is for the credit card fee and to maintain the website. THIS FEE DOES NOT GO TO OUR CYO. Once you complete this, there is nothing else required of you. The Archdiocese will send your registration fee to our CYO.

17. If you choose to “Pay Offline”, you will receive an email at the email address you used to become a member of Wagdogs. The subject line will read “(Your child’s name) (the sport) Registration”. It contains a file with your registration form. Save it to your computer and then print a copy. Bring the form and your payment to one of our registration days in the rectory basement.

18. At present, Wagdogs cannot account for our CYO’s family discount. That is 20% off any two or more children from the same family signing up in the same season. For example, if child “A Smith” signs up for football, $80, and child “B Smith” signs up for soccer, $45, both in the fall season, the fee would be $100, not $125. A savings of $25 or 20%. This discount does not apply to one child signing up for multiple sports in one season. For example, if child “A Smith” signs up for soccer, $45, and volleyball, $80, both in the fall season, the fee for each sport would be the full amount for each. Totaling $125.

19. OLC CYO is still offering the 20% family discount. Simply choose to “Pay Offline”, which is always recommended, and bring your registration forms to one of our registration days. One of our CYO representatives will check the forms, do the math and tell you the amount, minus the 20%, that you need to pay. If you choose to "Pay Online", you will be charged the full amount plus the extra Wagdogs fee. No money will be refunded if you choose to pay online.

20. For in-parish football, our fee is $80. At present Wagdogs cannot have multiple fees in the system for one sport. Wagdogs will be set up to charge the out of parish fee of $95. Register your child online using Wagdogs, choose "Pay Offline", print your registration form and bring it to one of the registration days in the rectory. A CYO representative will check your form and as long as you are a parish member, will discount your registration fee $15. If you choose to "Pay Online", you will be charged the full amount of $95 plus the extra Wagdog fees. No money will be refunded if you are a parish member and choose to pay online.

21. There will be registration periods. For example, fall sports registrations may run from 5/4/2008 through 8/3/2008. Once midnight 8/3/2008 passes, you will not be able to register your child for fall sports. One of the reasons the Archdiocese is starting this online system is to eliminate late sign ups.

22. Your child will not be assigned to a team or be able to practice or play until payment is received. Once you register, the CYO has access to that information. Coaches will be made aware of any non-payments and will not allow that child to practice or play.

23. As always, exemption from paying the registration and/or uniform fees is available for those in financial difficulty. Contact Father Gaspar, either in writing or in person, explaining the nature and extent of your situation and the degree of relief desired. This information will be kept strictly confidential.

Go to wagdogs.com to register your children.

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 24
Important Registration Notices

Registration will not be processed and participation not permitted until payment of total registration fee.

The registration fee is nonrefundable effective the date of the first official game or competition.

Playing time is subject to coach's discretion and therefore not guaranteed.

Please refer to the"Parent Section" for a general guide to our CYO programs.