Ohio District 4 Little League: Welcome

Monday, August 19

Welcome to the website of Ohio District 4 Little League. District 4 is one of 11 regions in the state of Ohio and is composed of chartered Little Leagues from Carroll, Coshocton, Holmes, Stark, Tuscarawas and Wayne counties. We report to Little League International through the USA Central Great Lakes Region. There are 12 active communities that participate in District 4. These leagues run their own baseball programs as well as participating in district-wide Junior and Senior Leagues. A Challenger special needs program is also coordinated within the district.


You can follow state tournaments at eteamz.com site OSDA.


After every game, both teams need to e-mail the game results -- win or lose, home or away.
Include a line score for both teams, your pitcher of record, your pitcher with the most strikeouts, and batters that hit doubles, triples and homers.


The Last Night's Games tag on the left will take you to box scores from the past 2 day's games


The All-Star Results tag takes you to Excel Spreadsheets that detail each division of play.


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East Holmes (Hiland) Senior team won state, and advanced to regional play in Peru, Ill.

East Holmes Juniors were state runners-up in Maumee.

Dover 12's participated in the state tournament at Ashtabula.

Dover 11's finished state runners-up in North Canton.

Dover 10's advanced to the state tournament in Hamilton. 


Participating Leagues 

Dover        Fairless               Massillon              Holly Hills

East Holmes County       Tuscarawas County

North Canton    New Philadelphia      Wooster

Sunday, July 21
2013 District 4 All-Star Home Run Hitters

As reported by team managers
(I assume all homers are over the fence unless otherwise noted.  
We are only as accurate as what is reported.
This is all-star play.  Fielding miscues should be treated as errors.)

Major Williamsport
Brett Martin, Massillon
Braedon Lehigh, Tusc Co 4
Jake Thomas, Holly Hills
Drew Aljancic, Dover
Ian Sexton, Dover
Jack Murphy, Dover 3
Ethan Snyder, Dover 2
Luke Wilkerson, Dover
Luke Hayden, North Canton 3
Jeremy Salvo, Dover
Kris Hostetler, Tusc Co 3
Cade Williams, Tusc Co
Nick Friedl, North Canton
Zane Maier, Massillon
Mitch Neidenthal, Tusc Co
Brendan Miller, Dover 5
Alec Sayre, Dover
Sam Bucher, North Canton

11-yr old Williamsport

Minor Williamsport
Owen Roach, Wooster

Major Hometown
Rhett VanVorhis, Tusc Co 5
Colby McBeth, Tusc Co 4
Zach McMillen, Dover  2
Elliot Zoldan, Holly Hills
Tanner Myers, Tusc Co
Logan Ueltchy, Tusc Co
Noah Wells, Tusc Co
Ty Myers, Tusc Co
Marcos Hernandez, North Canton 2
Regan Troyer, East Holmes
Justin Kazelman, Dover
Dayton Robin, Dover
Logan Shafer, Fairless

Minor Hometown
Coltin Colucci, Fairless
Lewis Feik, New Philadelphia
Ted Amstutz, Wooster
Dylan Devore, New Philadelphia
Kevin Mace, Tuscarawas County 3
Mike Jones, Holly Hills
Chase Columber, North Canton
M.Yoder, East Holmes
Andrew Datz, Holly Hills
Gavin Dillon, Wooster 
Robbie Page, Massillon

Nathan Fox, North Canton