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Thursday, August 23
Non-Discrimination Policy


The Ozark Area Youth Organization will provide wholesome and healthy activities for the youth of the Ozark area communities regardless of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, or handicap.  Any person or persons seeking employment with the Ozark Area Youth Organization shall be considered regardless of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, or handicap.

Thursday, August 23
Mission Statement

The Ozark Area Youth Organization is a non-profit United Way agency dedicated to promoting physical activity, education, and self confidence in the youth of Ozark, Arkansas and surrounding areas.  O.A.Y.O. is open to youth ages 4 to 18.


The purpose of the Ozark Area Youth Organization is:

1.  To provide and promote wholesome and healthy activities for the youth of the Ozark area communities regardless of sex, race, color, national origin, religion or handicap.

2.  To provide facilities for the youth for recreational activities.

3.  To provide activities to help the youth to develop healthy bodies and healthy minds.  These activities are designed to create healthy competitiveness, physical exercise, interaction with the team members and coaches and the ability to follow directions and excel to potential.

4.  To receive, administer, and disburse funds in connection with any activities related to the above purpose.

Thursday, September 6

OAYO was recently awarded a grant from Major League Baseball and the MLB Players' Association in the amount of $161,660.40.  The money is allocated through The Basball Tomorrow Fund and is restrcited to certain purchases.  Construction of the field has already begun and must be complete by November 30, 2007.  Field committee members are Kevin Crumpacker, chairperson, Steve Reano, David Kinney, David Tencleve, Jeff Beard, Jerrod Burns, Matt Coleman, Joe Harrison, engineer, Jack Wells, Greg Beard, and Penni Peppas - Burns.  Each of these individuals has specific knowledge of an area involved with the project.  For information about how to be involved, please contact the office at 667-0585.


Come watch us grow and be a part of the Great American Pastime!

Thursday, September 6
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Thursday, September 6
Code of Conduct
OAYO Volunteer Code of Conduct & Ethics

Volunteers consists of (but are not limited to): Coaches, Parents, Volunteers, Board of Directors, and Program Officials.
1)  No foul (cursing) language or obscene gestures will be used at any OAYO sponsored events (games, practices, fundraising events, etc). Be a good example to our youth in body, mind, and speech.
2)  No alcohol or drugs will be used/consumed during OAYO events.  Volunteers will not be allowed to attend OAYO events while under the influence of drugs/alcohol.  If found under the influence of drugs/alcohol, they will be escorted out of the complex/playing field, etc. immediately.
3)  Volunteers will display good sportsmanship at ALL times.
4)  No negative criticism.  Positive encouragement is preferred.
Let's try to abide by these codes of conduct and ethics and set a good example for all of our children.  Thank you for your cooperation!!

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