Northwest Girls Softball - Las Vegas, NV: Umpire's Corner

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Play Ball
Motion with either hand to the pitcher. Verbally call: "Play Ball"

Raise both arms up. Indicate strikes with fingers on right hand and ball with fingers on left hand. Use consecutive fingers when giving count.

Foul Tip
Fingers from both hands are touched together chest high in front of body and then a strike signal with no verbal call.

Home Run
Raise right arm. With fist closed move it counter-clockwise twirling motions. Verball call: "Home Run."

Fair Ball
Point towards fair ground with hand closest to infield. No verbal call.

Trapped Ball/Safe
Extend arms straight out with palms down. Verbally call: "Trapped Ball" or "Safe"

Foul Ball
First give DEAD BALL signal. Verbally call: "Foul Ball"

Bring left arm with hand closed to midsection as right arm is extended straight up with hand facing ear. Then pull down at elbow while closing fist. Verbally call: "Strike" or "Out"

Infield Fly
Raise right arm with fist closed. Verbally call: "Infield Fly"

Time/Dead Ball
Raise both hands with open palms away from the body. Verbally call: "Time" or "Dead Ball"

Raise right arm showing two fingers. Verbally call: "Two Bases"

Hold Up Play
With palms up, raise hand farthest away from batter towards pitcher.

Delayed Dead Ball
Extend left arm straight out with fist closed.

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