Northwest Little League: Welcome


Greetings from Northwest Little League! 

Please see updates below of what is taking place in our growing little league!

Thank you again parents and community for your continued participation & support!


Monday, July 29

Fall Baseball Sign-Ups

Saturday, Aug 10th 10am-2pm
Thursday, Aug 15th 6pm-8pm
Saturday, Aug 17th 10am-2pm

Renfrew Baptist Church

We have decided to stay with the same uniforms for the Fall Ball Season that we used for Spring. If you would like your child to use their jersey and hat from this Spring Season, the fee to play will be $20 less. You will have to use your jersey AND hat. It cannot be one or the other. We will not make deductions for using just the hat or just the jersey.

Prices are as follows:

Intermediate------$150 With New Jersey & Hat
$130 With Spring's Jersey & Hat

Tee Ball------------$80 With New Jersey & Hat
$60 With Spring's Jersey & Hat

All Other Divisions------$100 With New Jersey & Hat
$80 With Spring's Jersey & Hat

There will be NO late sign-ups. NO EXCEPTIONS!

On the day of sign-ups, you will need to bring a copy of the child's birth certificate AND copies of THREE of the following items dated February 1, 2012 - February 1, 2013. We MUST have these items to determine the residency of the parent/guardian of the child.

Name of parent/guardian and/or child and complete address MUST be legible.

1. Current Driver's License or State Issued ID - ONE PER PARENT/GUARDIAN
2. Current Voter's Registration
3. School Records
4. Welfare/Child Care Records
5. Federal Records
6. State Records
7. Local (Municipal) Records
8. Support Payment Records
9. Homeowner or Tenant Records
10. Utility Bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal) - ONLY ONE ITEM FROM THIS GROUP
11. Financial (Loan, Credit, Investments, etc.) Records
12. Insurance Documents
13. Medical Records
14. Military Records
15. Internet, Cable or Satellite Records
16. Vehicle Records
17. Employment Records

Player Application and Payment WILL NOT be accepted until a copy of the child's birth certificate and THREE proofs of residency have been turned in. Please bring these items with you the day you sign-up.

ANYONE wanting to Coach or volunteer in ANY way MUST complete a Volunteer Application PRIOR to having ANY contact with the children. This includes and not limited to team mom, concessions, scorekeeper, dugout and/or ANY type of activity that will involve the children. This is for the SAFETY of YOUR child and OURS!!!

Volunteer Applications will be available on the days of sign-up. You MUST complete the application IN FULL, which will include your social security # and date of birth. A background check will be performed through LexisNexis. Once the background checks have been performed, the application will stay on file for the current year but the social security # and date of birth WILL BE blacked out.

If you choose to volunteer (and we welcome you to do so) you MUST submit a copy of your current driver's license or a state issued picture ID WITH your Volunteer Application.

Anyone that completed a Volunteer Application for the Spring Season will NOT have to complete one for the Fall Season. You MUST check with a Board Member at the time of sign-ups to verify that you have an application on file.

Again, this protects YOUR child and OURS!

We will have stations/table set up for each division and a station/table will be set up for volunteer information in hopes to makes sign-ups run smoothly.
Thank you for your cooperation. We hope to see you soon. PLAY BALL!