Northside Little League: Players

Little Leaguers

It's time to play ball and we hope everyone remembers good sportsmanship and to cheer on their fellow team members. Northside Little League is more than just a place to play ball it is a place for memories and fun that will last a lifetime.


I Trust in God,
I Love my Country,
and will Respect its Laws.
I will Play Fair,
and Strive to Win,
but Win or Lose,
I will Always
Do My Best.


Shockwave/Flash Games

 Bullpen Blast Game
Be the pitcher, and try to strike them all out! 
Fastball Reaction Time
Can you click fast enough to even have a chance at hitting a fastball? Give this a try and practice! 
Major League Baseball Home Run Derby
See how many home runs you can hit! Do well enough, and you might get a chance to win a prize. 
Scientific Slugger
Can you get the ball to go sailing out of the park? Just how does a home run happen?