Northshore Juniors Volleyball Mizuno: Questions & Answers

Is "Club" volleyball for me: Club volleyball gives athletes who would like to play volleyball more monthes out of the year, that opportunity. Our players will find themselves teamed up with other players their age, that have like skill and ability. Thus, allowing for faster and greater individual improvement. 

How long is the season: The regular season runs from December - May. If teams qualify for Nationals, then they will continue to play through the beginning of June.

Which age group should my child tryout for: Please refer to the tryout page, there is a link to click on, which has a birthdate, breakdown. 

Is there a minimum or maximum age: There is no minimum, some start playing as young as 8. There is no maximum age, but the athlete must be still in High school.

How many players and coaches per team: We field teams with 10-12 players, and 2 coaches. 

How often is practice: Practice is 2 times a week, lasting from 2 - 3 hours per team, per night.

Where are practices:  Practices are held at Everett Community College Gym

What days and times: Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, scheduled between 6pm - 10pm 

When and where are tournaments: "Local" tournaments are anywhere north and south along the I-5 corridor. "Travel" tournaments are held in their host city. A typical tournament day usually starts at 8am and ends before 8pm. They are held on Saturdays and Sundays, unless it is a holiday weekend.

How much does "club" cost: Every club has their own fee structure. Be sure to ask exactly what is included. Please click on our "Team Pricing" tab, to see all that we include, along with the upcoming seasons fees.



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