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Statement of Philosophy
Statement of Philosophy

Being perfect or winning every challenge is the ultimate success story players’ only dream about in athletics and life. Northshore Juniors is neither perfect or won every challenge, but it is our sincere obligation to you, to make every attempt possible to ensure that you have a quality, worthwhile Junior Volleyball Club experience.


Northshore Juniors is directed by 5 fundamental philosophies:

1. Commitment and Excellence
Northshore Juniors has a desire to: (1) be the best volleyball club, (2) provide positive opportunities for athletes, (3) give athletes the most advanced volleyball training available, (4) teach athletes the importance of being committed with a positive attitude, and (5) teach athletes the significance of getting the most out of themselves, accepting anything less would be doing them an inservice.

2. Attention to Detail
No detail or club situation is too small to receive attention. To be successful you have to take pride in doing the little things other people think are not important.

3. Standards of Behavior
Northshore Juniors will provide standards of behavior on how players and coaches can all work together at achieving common goals. We’ll also provide guidelines on how players and their teams can be successful. These standards of behavior will be accomplished by outlining, defining, and clarifying roles, goals, and expectations.

4. Communication
The two biggest problems with most Junior Volleyball Clubs are communication and finances. Northshore is responsible for developing open lines of communication, and we’ll establish communication channels where players and parents feel they can express their concerns.

5. Access Overall Effectiveness
In order to attain high standards, Northshore will avoid complacency by evaluating all phases of the club, primarily its purpose, philosophy, and structure. This is to assure the most effective and efficient way of directing the clubs operations.

Handout: Northshore Juniors Handbook

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