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  Message From The League President

 On behalf of the Board of Directors of Northfield Little League, we welcome you to our program if you are new in 2014 and we welcome you back if you are returning. Northfield Little League is not really much different from any other youth sports program in our great community. Our purpose, like the others, is to provide a safe, organized program for youth in the City of Northfield, with the specific objectives of implanting firmly in the youth of Northfield the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, courage, and respect for authority. As volunteers in the community, we sincerely wish for you to join us in our efforts to assist these youth in this, their final stage of development before becoming a teenager. We work very hard, sometimes harder than we should because we may not have enough volunteers to help. That’s why we need you, and that is why our youth, your youth, need you! They are children, and they will soon be adults, but they will always need you to be there for them. I urge you to get involved, as an umpire, as a coach, as a team parent, or as a spectator who is positively interested in your son or daughter’s development in these crucial years. Don’t just take them to the game and leave…participate and enjoy! Go out and play catch with your “almost adult” because you will never regret it. Better yet, they will never forget it! Please join us in 2014 for a great year.

Come and get to know us, and enjoy Northfield Little League!
Jason Yard
Northfield Little League President  


Jim Hoopes  1972 - 2012
Great Coach, Great Father, Great Man 
An inspiration to us all.....
"small boys become big men by the influence of big men
who care about small boys".....

If you are interested in Volunteering to work with the children of Northfield Little League as a Manager, Coach, Asst. Coach, Snack Stand Attendant, etc? ANYONE that "crosses the fence" to assist in ANY capacity MUST complete the attached Volunteer Application EACH season! Your completed application should be submitted, along with a copy of your Drivers License, to our League President for approval BEFORE engaging with ANY children. Returning Volunteers MUST complete a NEW application EACH year, NO EXCEPTIONS! This form will be available on your email confirmation from registering online.  It is also available in the HANDOUTS section.

 If you have any questions please contact Jason Yard at