Midland Northeast Little League: Rules: Midland Northeast Little League Boundary Map

Midland Northeast Little League Boundary Map

Players must reside or attend a school within the league boundaries to play baseball for Midland Northeast Little League. The interactive map below can be used to see if your home or school fall within that area.


Schools that are inside the NELL boundaries include Adams Elementary, Chestnut Hill Elementary, Plymouth Elementary, Blessed Sacrament, and Northeast Middle. Any player that attends one of these schools can play for NELL, regardless of residency.


Players who live inside the NELL boundaries but attend a school that is within another league (or vice versa) have the choice to play in either league with full rights and without waiver.


Players who both live and attend school outside of the NELL boundaries should play with their local league. While discouraged, we do allow players from outside our boundaries to play for NELL at the tee ball and coach pitch levels. Players at the AA Minor level and above who neither reside or attend school within the NELL boundaries must request a waiver to play for NELL from Little League International. This waiver is rare and requires parents to get a letter signed from the local league releasing their child to play for our league. Assistance with a letter format can be provided in some circumstances.


New players must show a league official one document verifying they either live or attend school within the NELL boundaries before being allowed to play. Players selected to play on All Star teams may be required to provide additional residency or school records to meet the rules stipulated by Little League International. These documents will be collected at time of selection in June.

Further Reading & Questions

Here is a link to Little League International's Residency and School Attendance Eligibility Requirements for those interested.

For questions about residency requirements and the NELL boundaries, email midlandnell@yahoo.com.