Midland Northeast Little League: Rules: New Little League Bat Rules Require USABat Standard

New Little League Bat Rules Require USABat Standard

Effective January 1, 2018, USA Baseball, the national governing body for the sport of baseball in the United States, has adopted a new bat standard that will impact Midland Northeast Little League players for the 2018 season.

What will the new USABat standard change and why?

Similar to the NCAA and NFHS BBCore standard that was implemented in 2011, this new "USABat Standard" will create wood-like performance in youth baseball bats. The goal of adopting this new standard is to make the game of baseball more uniform and safe at the youth level.

What does this mean for Midland Northeast Little League players?

For the 2018 season and beyond, all bats must conform to this new USABat Standard. The logos on the bat will look like this:

USABat Logo

Bats that do not have this logo printed on them will no longer be allowed.

The good news is that the new USABat standard allows players to use up to a 2 5/8 inch barrel (as long as it bears the new USABat logo).

The one exception to this rule is the use of any t-ball bat in coach pitch. Northeast Little League is not yet requiring USA Baseball certified bats in the coach pitch division.

For more information, and to view a comprehensive list of approved bats, please visit the USABat Youth Baseball Standard website.