North Tangi Soccer Association: Field Maintenance

Friday, February 5
Field Day:

Since North Tangi has started, the league has relied on the parish and city recreational boards to maintain and supply us with our fields.  Although we are extremely thankful for their help, we have to help ourselves now.  Soccer is a very demanding sport to play on fields and quickly wears down the grass.  With all the rain and the many days of practices and games, we've torn up the fields at our Fontana complex.  Fleet Easley park is decent shape, but also needs work.  Loranger's practice fields are a work in progress and we are certainly thankful for those who have been working hard out there.

 At the end of this season, we would like to get a group of volunteers to go out and work the fields.  We will try to organize separate groups on separate days to work each of our three areas.  Each field will require different needs.

 At a closer time, if anyone is interested in helping us make our fields better, please email Larry Cardaronella @ or Kenny Johnson @   We will collect names and contact information from you and organize this matter with each area representative.  We will discuss our needs at that time, to make sure people know what we need.

 We could use a few people to donate bags of grass seed.  We will let you know what kind so we get the same type of seed.  If anyone might know a way of helping us get dirt hauled in to fill in low spots, that would also be a HUGE help to our league.  It might only cost people a few dollars, but help the league tremendously.

 We will keep you posted on dates.  Thank you all for your help and support.