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Tuesday, February 11
U4 Soccer

We are getting replies from parents regarding non contact from their coaches. For those in the U4 division as stated in the previous notes you will be contacted individually. Their age division is not the same as U6-U14 they do not have "coaches" it's one group of players. They do not have "practices" they will only play on game days. As of right now their anticipated scheduled times will be 11-12pm each Saturday since they are younger we did not wish to give them the earliest game & would like them to wrap up by lunch. They will practice 30 min then be separated into teams and have a game back to back just like soccer tots. This age group is specifically created to give them social and interactive skills in a soccer environment to prepare them for U6. They're division isn't that extensive to overwhelm them. We are waiting till uniforms come in to contact everyone. At that time we will be calling to arrange a meet and greet to distribute your child's uniform as well as an introduction packet to how their games will go. So again if your child is in this age division you will contacted once uniforms have arrived & been screened. Please keep in mind this division is made up of 3 & 4 yr olds so it is all intended for them to have FUN!


 North Tangi Soccer Association U4 League Overview

Eligibility: From the 3rd birthday to not 4 on August 1, 2013

General Guidelines for the U4 player:
• Size 3 ball. (Please put your name and phone number on the ball.)
• Players will receive a uniform consisting of shirt, shorts, & socks.
• Shin Guards are required. Socks must be worn over shin guards.
• Soccer cleats are not required, but suggested. Tennis shoes are allowed. Soccer cleats DO NOT have a cleat in the front of the shoe. (Baseball/Softball cleats are not allowed.)
• No practices on weekdays.
• Players are pooled together, no specific team.
• Score is not recorded.
• Supervised by a parent "coach".
• No metal of any kind (jewelry, clips, headbands, etc.)
• U4 children will play on the U6 fields
• Exhibit good sportsmanship.
• Do not allow children to hang on soccer goals or pull on nets (safety is priority).
Game Day Guidelines:
Arrive prepared: Uniform, Water, Cleats/Tennis Shoes, Shin Guards, Ball.
• Practice Sessions/Games are every Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. for approximately 1 hour.
• "Games" at this level of play are not to be viewed as competitive but more as opportunities to play in a group setting. Most children at this age do not play with other children; they play independently at the same time. Please don't be upset with your child if he/she does not want to participate on a particular Saturday and only wants to watch. This is very normal and expected.
• Most importantly, parents, coaches, non-participating players, and spectators should attend the
practice/game with the goal of enjoying and encouraging their child and other participants.