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Tuesday, February 11
U4 Soccer

 North Tangi Soccer Association U4 League Overview

General Guidelines for the U4 player:
• Size 3 ball. (Please put your name and phone number on the ball.)
• Players will receive a uniform consisting of shirt, shorts, & socks.
• Shin Guards are required. Socks must be worn over shin guards.
• Soccer cleats are not required, but suggested. Tennis shoes are allowed. Soccer cleats DO NOT have a cleat in the front of the shoe. (Baseball/Softball cleats are not allowed.)
• No practices on weekdays.
• Players are pooled together, no specific team.
• Score is not recorded.
• Supervised by a parent "coach".
• No metal of any kind (jewelry, clips, headbands, etc.)
• U4 children will play on the U6 fields
• Exhibit good sportsmanship.
• Do not allow children to hang on soccer goals or pull on nets (safety is priority).
Game Day Guidelines:
Arrive prepared: Uniform, Water, Cleats/Tennis Shoes, Shin Guards, Ball.
• Practice Sessions/Games are every Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. for approximately 1 hour.
• "Games" at this level of play are not to be viewed as competitive but more as opportunities to play in a group setting. Most children at this age do not play with other children; they play independently at the same time. Please don't be upset with your child if he/she does not want to participate on a particular Saturday and only wants to watch. This is very normal and expected.
• Most importantly, parents, coaches, non-participating players, and spectators should attend the
practice/game with the goal of enjoying and encouraging their child and other participants.