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Fall 2016 Schedules


November 19th   
AMITE Fields

9 am Top Seed (Josh Freche) vs. Johnson’s Trophies (Rusty Johnson)
10 am BUS (D. Mitchell) vs. Air Cool (Jacob Yarborough) 11 am Top Seed (Josh Freche) vs. Sonic (T. Rousse)

November 19th   
AMITE Fields

9 am Five O farms (Lisa Neyland) vs. Wheelerpix (Alan Case)

10:30 am Thompson’s Alignment (Jessica Blades) vs. LEI (Rachel Mitchell)

12:00 pm Five O Farms (Lisa Neyland) vs. ATV Zone (Chase Zaffuto)

November 19th
AMITE Fields

8:30 am
BBQ Station (Jessica Blades) vs. LeBlanc Dairy Farms (Katie Wallace)

9:45 am
Smitty's Supply (Dion Rousse) vs. A& B Motors (Greg Triolo)

11:00 am
Amite Graphics (Ryan Joseph) vs. Sonic (Victor Herrera)

12:15 pm
Smitty's Supply (Dion Rousse) vs. Ameriprise (Josh Freche)

LeBlanc Dairy(Katie Wallace) vs. Smitty's Supply (Dion Rousse)

U 14

November 19th   
AMITE Fields

1:30 pm
Johnson’s Trophies (Rusty Johnson) vs. Titans (Vickie Mattei)

2:45 pm
CK Cattle Co (Victor Herrera) vs. Thrifttown (Rusty Johnson)

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