North Tangi Soccer Association: Welcome

By clicking on the following link you will be redirected to the website with U6-U14 Spring Soccer Schedules

Registration for the Fall 2014 season is CLOSED!!


The selection of teams has been delayed due to a lack of volunteers to coach. We are in need of U6, U8, & U11 coaches in both the Amite & Independence area. We are currently seeking individuals to fill these positions so we can distribute players and let these children start playing a sport that they enjoy.  If you want more information about coaching or general information about soccer so that you can make a decision about coaching, please email


If you volunteered to coach, PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR PAPERWORK!!! We need paperwork to be completed BEFORE you can have any information pertaining to players. 

Players must be from age 3 up to not 15 before August 1, 2014. Players who have turned three and are being told by the system that there is not an age group for their age, MUST submit a paper registration form that can be found on our website (  Registration fee is $80 per player with a $5 family discount for additional players under the same family plan. Registration fee includes state registration fee and supplemental insurance from LSA, uniform jersey, shorts, & socks. Players will also need shin guards, soccer cleats (cleats without the front toe cleat), and an age appropriate practice ball.  Skills day MUST be attended by all players for evaluation purposes. Skills dated TBD. This year, due to new insurance and paperwork requirements, we will only practice on the fields in Amite and Independence, where we normally play games. Tentative age groups are listed below. If your child played soccer last season and you feel your child is advanced, younger age groups may request to play up by ONE year. This request MUST be made in the comment/request section of the registration form. Also, any children who will fall into the same age group that are requesting to play together MUST be noted on BOTH registrations. If you request a coach, please make sure the coach is in the appropriate age group or you request to play up with that coach if the player meets the criteria. Please note that requests are considered but NOT guaranteed and that once the player application is processed, there are NO REFUNDS.

If you are interested in coaching or assisting, please note it on your player's registration and complete the  application on our website to begin the application process.

 Mandatory Skills testing to attempt to evenly match team player skills will be the LAST DAY OF REGISTRATION,

Saturday August 23rd 9AM to NOON at the Independence Soccer Fields located at 53309 West Fontana Road, Independence, LA 70443.

Tentative Age Groups for the Fall 2014 Season
(Note: Actual groupings depend on enrollment): 
U4 (under 4) Over 3 now, but under 4 on August 1, 2014. – This age group will practice & play on Saturdays and possibly practice up to once during the week. 
U6 (under 6) Must not be 6 before August 1, 2014.
U8 (under 8) Must not be 8 before August 1, 2014.
U11(under 11) Must not be 11 before August 1, 2014.
U15 (under 15) Must not be 15 before August 1, 2014.

The ball sizes needed for each age division:
U4 size 3

U6 size 3

U8 size 4                                                                                                                                                                     

U11 size 4 

U15 size 5

Please consider donating any outgrown equipment (shin guards, cleats, balls,...) to the league.Ths can be done on skills day or at the fields on practice or game days.


If you are interested in sponsoring a field or a team or making a donation to the league please contact Tiffiny Robertson or Michelle McAlister.



If you have not completed payments for last seasons registration, please make arrangements to take care of your balance as soon as possible.

We ask that you all respect our referees and forward any and all concerns or complaints to our email where you'll be contacted so that we can address the issues in a respectful manner. Please do not ever confront a referee on the field during a game. If you feel you have a complaint that needs to be addressed immediately please come get one of our board members on site.


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"The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this; if it moves, kick it! 

If it doesn't move, kick it until it does."

Any questions please call

President- Rene Mendez 985-634-9165

Vice President- Chris Robertson 985-969-7606

Registrar- Michelle McAlister 985-969-0413 (AFTER 4pm on weekdays) or

                 or text 985-260-0647 ANY TIME

Amite Rep and Field Manager- 

Loranger Rep and Field Manager- 

Indy Rep and Field Manager- Daniel McAlister 985-215-9234


Treasurer- Margaret LeBlanc- 985-345-7892

Referee Assignor- 

Sponsorship and Uniforms- Tiffiny Robertson 985-969-7801

 At Large Member- Adra Johnson 985-351-3466