North Carolina Spartans: Straight From The Parent's Mouth!!

Wednesday, September 24


Here’s what parents from our program are saying about their experience with the North Carolina Spartans!!!


In an era of self-centered, undisciplined, and often immoral high level youth sports, the Spartans stand out for their love of the kids, their love of our great sport basketball, their commitment to character, the fun that their teams have, and an underlying faith which binds it all together. Our kids could have played just about anywhere but playing for the Spartans was a no-brainer. Very grateful my boys were privileged enough to be coached and mentored by the Spartan staff.

- Pearce L. 


Our son has played with the North Carolina Spartans for the past two consecutive years.  We as parents have had a great experience with this excellent organization.  The coaching staff does a superb job getting exposure in front of college coaches during live tournaments. The coaching staff has been more than happy to make contacts with colleges for our son. Coach Thompson is a passionate leader who desires talented kids to succeed at their full potential!

- Patty and Mark H.


My son played for the NC Spartans for a couple years.  This group has some of the best coaches in the area and the coaches truly care about the boys.  They help them become not just better basketball players, but better men as well.  NC Spartans helped him accomplish his dream of playing college basketball!

- Jenny W.

The NC Spartans are a breath of fresh air in this era of travel basketball.  My son, who is playing college basketball now, played with the Spartans for one summer  and it was the best travel ball experience we have had.  I have seen a lot in 25 years of coaching basketball at the school and AAU level and the Spartans have the best travel organization I have seen.  They do everything the right way, including having coaches that carry themselves with character and class.

- Ken P.

The NC Spartans organization played an enormously vital role in my son Luke's basketball maturation, which ultimately led to him getting the opportunity to become a scholarship athlete in college.  We have been in and around the game since Luke was little and have seen a ton of travel ball organizations.  No one does it better than the Spartans if what you want is good coaching from guys who care about your son and his success, a safe, positive environment within which to practice, travel and play, and the opportunity to play in front of college coaches that represent programs commensurate with your son's abilities.  

In a world where the term "travel ball" has birthed too many organizations with too many hands out and too many coaches in the business for the wrong reasons, be assured that the NC Spartans are in the minority...they are in for the kids.  I have enormous respect and gratitude for the coaches that we have been fortunate enough to work with!?- Keith B.


It was important to us for our son to be part of an organization that showed the integrity of the coaches and players both on and off the court. We found that with the NC Spartans!

- Shannon and Carmine C.

The Spartans organization is clearly about all of the team players and NOT just the stars.  The coaching staff cares about the player’s developments in basketball and character.  One of the best!!!

- Marvis L.  



Been there done that…  by David Elder

I’m a current AAU Parent and I share Coach Thompson’s philosophy and vision.  I’ve been enjoying the AAU Basketball world for going on 4 seasons now.  In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and was surprised at times.  I have seen a lot during this time.  Good and bad.  What works and what doesn’t.  However, one thing I have consistently seen is that those teams with more advanced fundamentals, teamwork and a hard working positive attitude succeed more often and are happier with all outcomes, win or lose.

I’ve seen my daughter Kelly’s middle school team (comprised of 8 players, 5 who play AAU basketball along with 3 others who do not), win the PECSAA conference and then beat out 32 Catholic School teams from the Southeast at the Shamrock Tournament in Charlotte against teams who had more players including many who had taller girls.    And my daughter and her AAU team have gone on and enjoyed other successes again, due to strong fundamentals, training, discipline and teamwork.   People often comment what a “smart” team they are.  This past season they won the YBOA North Carolina States in Division 1 along with qualifying for and attending 2 National tournaments.

What really hit home for me was the 2007 AAU 7th Grade Based Nationals in Reno, NV that my daughter and her team played in.  There were some incredibly talented teams there.  Kelly’s team didn’t make it into the championship game but we did watch it.  We knew going in that one team was incredibly athletic and the other, smaller but more fundamentally sound and disciplined.  As the game progressed, the athletic team was sweating profusely and couldn’t figure out how these smaller girls were beating them so easily and seemingly effortlessly.  That was my personal moment where I “got it”.

Another recent example…In the first tournament of the Fall 2008 season, due to family conflicts, only 6 girls from my daughter’s AAU team could play.  It was highly unusual that they would have only 6 players and this tournament would also bring another first…her team would have to play 4 games in one day.  At the end, her team won each of the 4 game by a significant amount (15+).  Parents from the opposing team in one game could be overheard saying that their girls had worn our team down in the first half and they were assured a win in the second period…my daughter’s team ended up winning that particular game by 30 points.  Kelly’s team had not played together in a tournament for two months since finishing up play at Nationals…but, they were able to immediately work, in force and as a team, against apparent incredible odds…and win.  Again, strong fundamentals, discipline, attitude and teamwork.  Driving home, my daughter said she was ready to play another game…