North Carolina Spartans: Why Are We Called The Spartans?

Why We Are Called The Spartans

When the idea for a club basketball program popped into my head, I immediately thought about an appropriate name.  I knew I wanted our name to be meaningful and not just any name I could think of.  I began thinking of mascot names, and the 'Spartans' began to stick and I kept it in my mind.  Being a UNCG (Spartan) alumni, I always liked it anyway.  As I began to consider it as a name for our club program, I thought I would do a little research into what exactly a Spartan was.  As I began to read more about them, I began to realize the Spartan from the past had many similarities to what we want our players to symbolize.  Thus, I was sold.  We were the North Carolina Spartans.

Some of the highlights of the similarities I saw are below.

The life of a Spartan male was a life of discipline, self-denial, and simplicity.

  • Our program is based on the disciplined, team oriented, fundamental player.

The Spartans viewed themselves as the true inheritors of the Greek tradition. They did not surround themselves with luxuries, expensive foods, or opportunities for leisure. The life of the Spartans seemed to hark back to a more basic way of life. 

  • We are old school in our approach to the game in that we are building a solid foundation of fundamentals at an early age in hopes for future successes. 

The ideology of Sparta was oriented around the state. The individual lived (and died) for the state. Their lives were designed to serve the state from their beginning to the age of sixty. The combination of this ideology, the education of Spartan males, and the disciplined maintenance of a standing army gave the Spartans the stability that had been threatened so dramatically in the Messenean revolt.

  • The individuals on the TEAM are all for the TEAM.  We are not about individualism.  We are about growing, getting better, and winning as a TEAM. Our strength is our group.

The Spartan Army was the military force of Sparta, one of the leading city-states of ancient Greece. The army stood at the centre of the Spartan state, whose citizens' primary obligation was to be good soldiers.

  • Our primary objective is to make each boy an all around better basketball player.

Subject to military drill from infancy, the Spartans were one of the most disciplined, well-trained and feared military forces in world history.  At Sparta's heyday in the 6th to 4th centuries BC, it was commonly accepted that "one Spartan was worth several men of any other state".

  • We will drill the fundamentals daily and hope to produce a well-coached, disciplined team that will not intimidate by sight, but by action on the court.

Spartan Warriors were to be perfect in every respect and aspect of war.

  • We want our players to be proficient in all fundamental skills in basketball, and be able to play the game with both hands.

The result of Spartan warrior training is a man who thinks nothing of danger, expects to win, and creates a sense of dread in his opponents.

  • A great way to describe what we want as an end result of players in our program- no fear, expect victory, intimidation by action.