North Carolina Spartans: Founders Philosophy

Coach Thompson's Philosophy and Style

I believe the game should be played hard, played smart, and played together.

First and foremost (like the original Spartans) having a predisposed, already exceptional ability or capability for greatness on the basketball court helps.  If you have that, be thankful.

Second, having a positive attitude (being coachable) and a strong desire to excel are essentials in our program.  We are all here to become better. 

Some of this you will bring to the program already, the rest we will foster and build.

*This is where our Spartan Club Basketball Program begins by educated training in offensive and defensive fundamentals, which are the very core of our program.  Using this philosophy, our program will educate,  train, grow, and advance you to become more skilled and become more disciplined in the fundamental skills of basketball at a younger age than anyone you will play against.*

Last and certainly not least, we will develop you and your teammates to become players who understand the true concept and work of a team.  To play and move as a single unified force.  Together, as a team, we will be better than any individual. 

Finally, I acknowledge and applaud the great support of all our parents who sacrifice, work their schedules, and provide financially to allow their boys to participate in this program. 


 What Does It Take To Be The Best? 

Too many folks depend on luck, or chance, that they will win.  They believe that when their chance arrives, they will somehow just be at their best.  Things have always come easy for them and they feel basketball will treat them the same way.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  To be good, you have to work at it, keep your focus and be willing to always work hard.  In the Spartan program, we understand that nothing will work if we don’t.  We understand that you will get out of basketball what you put into it.  We plan and prepare and practice for everything that may take place in a game, so that nothing takes us by surprise.  We operate on the premise that “I will prepare, and then, perhaps, my chance will come”.  A favorite quote of mine, and a bit of fun…..

…“I make my own luck!” 

… “Well, next time you’re making some, whip up a batch for me!”


More thoughts on Winning We all want to win.  However, early success in winning games doesn’t translate into future success.   Teams that enjoy early success with winning often do so because of the natural athletic abilities of a few key players.  The key players do understand their superior abilities and take the opportunity to score again and again.   Everyone is pleased with the winning outcome and athleticism over fundamentals and teamwork is unwittingly reinforced.  As teams mature, smart opponents learn more ways to shut down the athletic player and the athletic player becomes increasingly frustrated because what used to work, doesn’t any longer.  At this later age, it is a hard transition for kids to make.  Again, our program’s approach is to grow and instill the boys in the fundamentals and teamwork at an early age which we understand may come at the expense of winning some games early on.  However, the skills learned, practices and refined during this critical time at this younger age, will provide our boys with a mechanism for success in the competitive years that are to follow. 


We have these goals for the individual players in our program.

-        They develop and further their love for the game

-        They become the best basketball players the are capable of becoming

-        They appreciate the value of hard work and commitment to a cause

-        They value the friendships and camaraderie with their teammates

-        They are exposed to/compete against the best players in the state and nation

-        They understand how to conduct themselves with class in victory and defeat


Team First/Dare to be different  If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we always got.  Same is true for Basketball.  Again, the approach of our program is to be different….a solid foundation of fundamentals and teamwork. 

We’ve seen the Europeans successfully evolving their approach and philosophy on Basketball.  They are beginning to develop talent that is surpassing that of American players.  How are they doing this? By taking a different approach…and to a large extent focusing on fundamentals and teamwork at younger ages.  The result is just beginning to show.  Read some quotes coming from Europe: 

Dejan Bodiroga, Lottomatica Roma Team Manager 

- "The game has changed. We don't see players scoring 25 or 30 points a game any more. The game is more physical. There are more tactics. And the game is more collective, players play more for the team. Also, many of the players are young and many people forget some essential things. You need to have a good fundamental basis to play the game correctly. The game is not just physical. And sometimes young players forget that and that could be a problem in the future."  

Aito Garcia Reneses, DKV Joventut Head Coach 

- "We used to look to university and college basketball as our reference. But the main difference was the execution of the fundamentals of the game, they did that at a much faster speed. And I think we in Europe have learned to speed up the execution of the fundamentals. "  

- "I think we would all agree that the evolution of the game will always favor the players who can pass the ball and will always favor the teams with many players in their roles who can pass the ball and choose the right moment to pass to the right person."