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Monday, July 22
2013-2014 Board Meeting Scheduled

NBLL 2013-2014 Board Members:


It’s just about time for our first 2013 – 2014 Board Meeting.  Please let me know if you can’t attend this meeting as currently scheduled Monday August 5th, 2013 from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM .  We will be nominating and voting for board positions and it is very important for us to have everyone, if possible.


Thank you,



Friday, August 24
Park Information


Just a friendly reminder that per Hillsborough County Parks Ordinance

the NBLL facility is a non-smoking facility.

Smoking is only permitted in the parking lot in the designated area. There are NO exceptions, including the areas by the batting cages, behind the restrooms, etc.

Please be respectful of children and their parents and ahdere to this rule.

Also, please be aware that NO PETS are allowed on the premises either.

No matter how small.

Both of these ordinances are clearly marked on a sign in front of the


Thank you for your help and support in this area.

Monday, February 25
Designated Soft Toss Areas

Managers, Coaches, Players, and Parents;

Please do not allow anyone to swing bats outside of the field of play at the plate or within one of the batting cages unless they are in one of the two designated soft toss areas at our park hitting into the mats on the exterior of the batting cages. It is a written rule in the NBLL Ground rules that no bats will be swung in the common areas. thank you for your cooperation in keeping our park safe for everyone.



General Membership

Hello Everybody,

Don't forget if you are interested in becoming a general member or a member of our board directors and volunteering your time please go to our handouts section of the website, download the membership form and turn it in to any board member at the park along with your $1.00 annual dues. Remember that only one parent per household of a registered player(s) is allowed to be a general member and/or board member, not per player. So this means that even if you have multiple players you can still only have one member in the household.



NBLL Board of Directors