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Sunday, April 13

North Bergen Youth Baseball

Juniour League Rules



1. High School Baseball rules will be followed with the following exceptions written below:


2. Seven innings per game. An Official Game is four and a half innings if the home team is winning,  Five full innings if the home team is losing.


3. Ten Run Rule is in effect only when the game is official as per rule #2.


3.1 . Bunt and Slash is NOT Allowed


As soon as the pitcher is ready to pitch on the mound, a batter may NOT square to bunt then pull his bat back and swing away on a given pitch.  By doing so the batter will be called OUT. 


4. Game time is two and a half hours. No new inning will start after 2 ½ hours. If an inning begins before the 2 ½ hour curfew and the home team is losing that inning must be played to completion. Intentional delay may cause suspension or further penalty.


5. PITCHING RULES ( The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday)

5a. A pitcher may not pitch more than seven innings in one week.

5b. Once the umpire starts play, the pitcher is officially in the game.


-          2 inning or less pitched, no days rest

-           3 innings pitched, 2 full days rest

-          4 innings pitched, 3 full days rest

-          5 innings pitched, 4 full days rest

-          6 innings pitched, 5 full days rest

-          7 innings pitched, 6 full days rest


5d. A pitcher can pitch a maximum of four innings for the first three games. From the fourth game on, pitchers can pitch the maximum innings for the week (as per rule #5)

5e. High School pitchers may not pitch in our league during the high school season.

5f. All other high school players (position players) may pitch a maximum of 3 innings per game and no more than seven innings per week.

5g. When giving an intentional walk, all pitches must be thrown

5h. Balks will be called after the team’s  3rd game is played.

5I. 15s and 16s can pitch 3 innings in a game, 7 total in a week 


7. Two trips to the mound by a coach or manager in the same inning will cause the pitcher’s automatic removal. The coach or manager is prohibited from making a second visit to the mound while the same batter is at bat. Once the pitcher is removed he may remain in the game at another defensive position, however the pitcher can not be removed and re-entered as a pitcher in the same game.


8. Slide rule: Collision Avoidance Rule.

A)      Runners are instructed to slide or attempt to avoid making contact with the fielder. A player who maliciously runs into another player is to be declared out and to be automatically ejected.

B)       Contact shall be considered malicious if: the contact is the result of intentional excessive force, and/or there is intent to injure.

C)       Malicious contact is to be penalized whether committed by an offensive or defensive player. The umpire shall determine whether contact was avoidable or unavoidable.

D)      Note: It should be noted that a fielder while NOT in possession of the ball and not attempting to field the ball may be guilty of obstruction if the fielder impedes the progress of a runner. It is entirely up to the judgment of the umpire as to whether a fielder is in the act of obstructing a runner. No fielder may decoy runners in an attempt to deceive the runner into sliding. The fielder may be ejected from the game.


9. Every player attending the game must play at least 2 innings (one inning on the field is mandatory) and get one at bat.


A)      If a team begins the game with 14 or more players all players must play at least one inning and one at bat.

B)       The manager who begins a game 14 or more players may bat the whole lineup or bat multiple EH’s on his discretion.

C)       If a team begins the game with 10 players all must be in the lineup. The EH is mandatory. The only time the EH is not in use is if the team starts the game with 8 or 9 players.

D)      A game will start with 8 players. The 9th spot in the batting order will receive an out if the 9th player has not arrived. Once the 9th player arrives to the game, he will be implemented into the game on the field and or in the lineup.

E)       All teams are required to keep an official scorebook. Both teams are required to give changes to the umpire and opposing team. If team has an injured or suspended player he must be announced to the umpire and the opposing team. (In writing on the lineup card)

F)       If a team has less players in the batting order than his opponent, the opponent has the option of batting the same amount of players


10. Courtesy Runner for catcher and pitcher (added 03/28/11)


A courtesy runner is allowed for the runner and/or pitcher with 2 outs or less. It is MANDATORY for catcher, optional for pitcher.


1ia: courtesy runner MUST be a player not in the current line up. If no bench  player(s)  available then it is the last batter out in the line up. 


11. All players to be eligible for All Star consideration must play in 75% of his teams games. High School player’s eligibility will be taken into consideration.


12. All rain outs must be rescheduled as soon as possible.


13. Cup supporter, catcher’s helmet and neck protector must be worn at all times by catchers during practice and games. Anyone warming up pitchers must wear a mask.


14. Team uniforms assigned to players must be worn to games. Shirts must be tucked inside pants. No Jewelry. Baseball spikes must be worn to all outdoor practices and games.


15. Throwing of equipment, Profanity and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Players or coaches ejected from a game shall be required to leave the field and premises immediately. Additionally, they will be required to serve an additional one game suspension. Players will serve the one game suspension on the team bench IN UNIFORM.


16. No smoking or Drinking is allowed in Coach’s Box, Dugout, and/or Field during the game.


17. Any players, managers, or coaches suspended for 2 or more games during the season will not be allowed to participate on any All Star Teams.


18. All managers and coaches will be held responsible for the team’s behavior during games. If after the first warning by the umpire, the team is still out of control the manager may be suspended for a game.


19. If a player is ejected from a game and the team has made all its substitutions the players (who was ejected) turn in the batting order will result in an automatic out.


20. If a team is waiting for an 8th player to begin a game the following time penalties will be enforced.

A) 16-30 minutes waiting will results in a 2 run deficit and 2 hour game limit.

B) After 31 minutes the game will result in a forfeit.


21) No players are allowed to slide head first advancing to any base. By doing so runner will be call OUT. Only exception is sliding back to a base.





If Regular Season Games need to be rescheduled, it must be PLAYED by May 23rd, we are not going past that date

1 - Unless there is a family or medical emergency, you need to inform me atleast 3 days you are requesting game to be rescheduled

2 - I inform your opponent of the request, opponent either says they will accomodate or will not, if will accomodate go to step 3

3 - I give a list of days/times available to the opponent, the opponent must pick the date/time no later than the day before the scheduled game, that will be the rescheduled date, there will be no comprimise after that.  If the opponent does let me know of a date/time to reschedule game date DOES NOT GET CHANGED.  





Murad Abdelfattah
Luis Bermudez

Robert Rosario
Anthony Perez
Douglas Diaz
Kyle Coll
Omar Serrano
John Marte
Eddie Pichardo
Ernesto Lassera
Andrew Reyes 
Vishal Desai

Wilson Madera
Jose Roman
Julio Pimental
David Baiza

Chintan Parenke 



Revised April 2013



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