North Bergen Baseball: NB Rules - Minors

Tuesday, April 8

North Bergen Little League is governed by the rules set forth by Little League Baseball Incorporated with the following modifications.




1 – Pitch count will be announced by the score booth each half inning


2 – Score booth may announce a reminder to coaches when pitcher is about 10 pitches away from reaching limit








*SPECIAL RUNNER (Little League Rule 7.14) – Once each inning a team may utilize a player who is not in the batting order as a Special Pinch Runner for any offensive player.  A player may only be removed for a Special Pinch Runner one time during a game. The player for whom the pinch runner runs is not subject to removal from the line up.  If the pinch runner remains in the game as a substitute defensive or offensive player, the player may not be used again as a pinch runner while in the batting order. However, if removed by another substitute that player or any player not in the line up, is again eligible to be used as a pinch runner.


Pitcher/Catcher Rule – We will adhere to the Little League Rule Book (below is what it states)


Regulation VI – PITCHERS in the Baseball Rule Book has been amended to read, in part:


Any player on a regular season team may pitch. Exception: Any player, who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game, is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day. An inning is officially started when the umpire puts the ball in play at the beginning of each half inning.





When meeting for the 1st time a coin flip determines who is home and away. 


After the first time the teams rotate. If you meet for the 3RD time you flip again.


1A1. The home team shall have the first base dugout.


1A2. COACHES - No more than 4 coaches are allowed per team. 


1B. Forfeit


To avoid a forfeit a game will start with 8 players. The 9th spot in the batting order will receive an out if the 9th player has not arrived. Once the 9th player arrives to the game, he will be implemented into the game on the field and or in the lineup.


On game day, if a team has 7 players or less, the game is forfeited.


A game is officially forfeited after 20 minutes from game time schedule.


1B1. If a team does not have at least 8 players by game time, the game is in the top of the 2nd inning and the team that is short players is losing 2-0 (added March 2011).


1B2. PLAYER POOL – To avoid forfeits teams may borrow players.  It will be from a pool only known by board members.  Teams will borrow from players from the lower division with the exception of the minors


1C. Time Limit

There will be a 2 hour time limit for each game. The Umpire or scorekeeper will announce start time of each game. Within 15 to 20 minutes the umpire will make teams aware of time limit approaching.



Minors Only - No new inning may commence at or after 1 hour and 45 minutes of game play.


If the game is tied and is an official game (4 complete innings) the game shall be recorded as a tie.


If the game is tied and is not an official game (less than 4 complete inning) the game shall resume at point of interruption.  Game shall only be played if regular season schedule permits and/or if game has impact on standings.






1D. Five Run Rule for Minors ONLY

Once a team has scored its 5th run in the inning the inning is over. Any runs score after the 5th run as a result of a hit does not count.



In the last inning only, last inning defined as the 6th inning and beyond or the last inning declared by the umpire, 3 outs or the whole line up batting will constitute the end of an inning, whichever comes first (added May 26, 2009).


A home run hit over the fence all runs count, no matter what inning (added March 2011).



1E. Extra Hitter (EH)


If a team has 10 or more players at the game a team MUST use atleast  ONE  EH.

      -note: if a team only has 10 players, and a player cannot play due to injury or family emergency, that player’s spot in the    batting order will be skipped without penalty


A player may only play as an EH 3 times in a given season.


An EH must play 3 consecutive outs on the field.


1F. 4th Outfielder

4th outfielder MUST be used to play on the field if a team has at least 10 players available.  The 4th outfielder MUST play the same Depth as the regular outfields (left, center and right fielders).


The 4th outfielder CANNOT be used as a 5th infielder or play a shorter distance than the regular outfielders.





1F2. NO STEALING HOME –  -  A runner on 3rd can only score on a batted ball,  forced walk,

ball goes to dead ball territory, advancing from a previous base while the play is still live.


 Scenarios: Runner on 3rd CANNOT score on a:

1)     passed ball   2) wild pitch    3) under or overthrow back to the pitcher   4) dropped ball by pitcher thrown back by the catcher   5) attempted play on any other base runner   6)  attempted play, feint throw or step towards the runner on 3rd   7) attempted play results in an out on runner at 3rd   

***If scenario not covered by 1 through 7 see rule 1F2***.


1G. Substitution Rules


Every Player on your roster must get one at bat and play two full innings in the field. The innings on the field DOES NOT have to be consecutive innings. 


All substitutions must be completed by the fourth inning.


FAILURE to adhere to substitution rules will result in the suspension of the team manager for the next scheduled game and possible game forfeiture at the discretion of the board for a second offense.


1H. Bunt and Slash

As soon as the pitcher is ready to pitch on the mound, a batter may NOT square to bunt then pull his bat back and swing away on a given pitch.  By doing so the batter will be called OUT. 


1I. Courtesy Runner for Catcher and Pitcher


A courtesy runner is allowed for the runner and/or pitcher with LESS than 2 outs.  It is MANDATORY for catcher, optional for pitcher.


1ia: courtesy runner MUST be a player not in the current line up. If no bench player(s) are available then it is the last batter out in the line up. 


1J. Standings Tie Breaker (added 06/12/09)

1 -  Head to Head

2 -  Least Runs given up against the team(s) you are tied with

3 -  Better division record

4 -  Which team beat the best team (record wise)

                  4a- division first then league wise

5 - Least runs allowed in division

6 - Least runs allowed in all games

7 - Coin toss


1K. Rainouts

Rain outs will be made the first open Sunday. If a rained out game does not factor into the determination of a division title it may not be made up if timing does not permit.








2A. Pitch Count - We will adhere to the Little League Rule Book (adopted 03/25/12)  

-       For Majors maximum pitches per game is 85

-       For Minors see rule 2F.


2B. Days Rest for a Pitcher - We will also follow the Little League Rule Book (adopted 03/25/12)




- 66 or more pitches in a game - 4 calendars days rest (ie: if you pitch Monday you cannot pitch till Saturday)

- 51 to 65 pitches - 3 calendar days rest

- 36 to 50 pitches - 2 calendar days rest

- 21 ro 35 pitches - 1 calendar day rest

- 1 to 20 pitchers - 0 calendar day rest


2C. Intentional Walk


automatic intentional walk is allowed ( do not have to pitch to batter, no pitches are added to pitch count)


 The same player may only be intentionally walked one time per game.



      A pitcher may not pitch more than 3 innings per game or 75 pitches, which ever comes first (added to clarify 04/08/11)


2G. Illegal Pitcher (changed April 4, 2012 )


-If an illegal pitcher is used the COACH gets suspended the next game or if he/she should play the offended team again the suspension would be for that game.


- Illegal pitcher will not be allowed to pitch the next 3 games.


- If an illegal pitcher is used again by the same team the COACH gets suspended again and meets for with the board members. 


2H. Removing a Pitcher


Once a pitcher has been removed from the mound the pitcher may not return in the game as a pitcher.


The no-hitter rule exception does not apply to the Minor League.



 Players or coaches ejected from a game will be subject to a one game suspension.


 A suspended coach is not allowed in the dug out or playing field.  Nor is the suspended coach to have contact with his/her players or coaches throughout the duration of the game in which he/she is suspended for.  Failure to meet these criteria will result in an additional game suspension AND the coach or managers team may receive a forfeit at the board’s discretion.


 A suspended player must attend the game he is suspended for in the dug out and in full uniform.  Failure to meet these criteria will result in an additional game suspension.   A manager must notify the opposing manager and the score keeper in advance of the game if a player is suspended.


Any manager may suspend a player for valid disciplinary reasons with the approval of the League President.


North Bergen Youth Baseball reserves the right to enact a” three strikes you are out” policy when it comes to behavioral incidents.  On the third strike a player, coach or manager will be banned from participating in North Bergen Youth Baseball.  Reinstatement will only be considered if the banned individual supplies written proof of the successful completion of an anger management course.  Even then, reinstatement of the individual is subject to the discretion of the League Executive Board.


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