North Babylon Athletic Club: Lacrosse: All the Rules!

Rules can get confusing
Parents - Lacrosse is often a confusing game to the newcomer.  It is much easier when you start young and graduate each level.  One of the best booklets around is offered by US Lacrosse for $3.50.  It is called "A Parent's Guide to Youth Lacrosse"   This new 40-page 10th Edition is an updated, easy to read, colorful guide for both boys and girls lacrosse. Contains modern rule changes and both the official boys and girls lacrosse rules.

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Below you can find links to different rules based on age levels.

Suffolk County Youth Girls Lacrosse Rules

Suffolk County Youth Boys Lacrosse League

High School: Section XI Girls

Middle School Section XI: Girls

High School Section XI Boys

Middle School Section XI Boys

US Lacrosse Rules