North Arkansas Soccer Association: Board of Directors

Thursday, June 17
NASA Board of Directors
 Position  Name  Phone E-Mail 
 President  Tim Reeves  741-7391
 1st Vice Pres.  John Pall    
 2nd Vice Pres.  Chris Pratt  741-2439
 Registrar  Shelly Due  414-3566
 Treasurer  Christie Rudelis
 Referee Coord.  Tim Reeves  741-7391
 Publicity/Website  Elijah Rudelis  715-9336
 Secretary  Angie Fowler
 Finance/ Sponsors  Lucia Krone

 Game Scheduling

 Tim Reeves  741-7391












            Because of the tremendous growth in the number of players and teams.  NASA has implemented the following complaint procedure.  It should be understood by all parents and parties that there will be strict adherence to this procedure.  The NASA Board will not hear any complaint not following this procedure.Any complaint, question, or problems are first made to the coach of the team in which that child is a member.  Note however if the complaint is on the coach proceed to the next step.If the problem is not satisfactorily taken care of and the parent desires to pursue it further, then a written outline of the problem is provided, by the complaining party, to the director of the league in which the child is participating.  The league director will review the complaint with the proper coaches’ coordinator and resolve the complaint if possible.If the problem is not solved at this level, then a written summary is filled out by the league director listing the pertinent facts attaching the original written complaint and is forwarded to the proper coaches’ coordinator.  The coaches’ coordinator then will review the complaint with the Vice-President of that league and resolve the complaint if possible.If the complaint is not solved it will then go to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors issues either a written opinion to the complaining party, with copies to all parties involved, upon receipt of the written complaint, or ask for an informal hearing in which all parties are given an opportunity to be heard, with a written opinion issued thereafter.The Board’s decision is final.

NO OTHER OFFICER OR NASA BOARD MEMBER shall be contacted concerning the complaint, except through this formal procedure