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Beware the Knight!! 

 Updated: 3/6/13  11:00 PM 

Welcome to the 2012 Newburgh Knights Season

Upcoming Schedule:

3/6      Wed      5:30-6:30     Local 17 Gym

3/7      Thu       8:00-9:30   Humnbirds Facility

3/9       Sat      6:00-7:30    Humnbirds Facility


"True Players"

"True Players are about combacks and rallies.

"True Players" are people who succeed in the face of adversity.

"True Players" get their uniforms dirty even when they don't have to.

"True Players" want the ball.

"True Players" always know the count and the score.

"True Players" are willing to motivate their teammates.

"True Players" know how to "play" the game.

Be a "True Player"