New Hyde Park LL: Welcome

Tuesday, January 3

It's a new year and the 2017 season will be here before you know it.  Below you can find information on upcoming events.



It's that time again to get the boys and girls signed up for the 2017 Season.  Signups will be held in the NHPLL Offices on the second floor at NHP Village Hall.  See below for additional information and the forms are available on the website under the Handouts section.


This year’s registration dates to guarantee a place in our program are:

                        Wednesday, January 11th                           7:00 PM till 9:00 PM

Saturday, January 14th                             Noon till 2 PM

Wednesday, January 18th                         7:00 PM till 9:00 PM

Saturday, January 21st                                     Noon till 2 PM

Wednesday, January 25th                         7:00 PM till 9:00 PM

Saturday, January 28th                             Noon till 2 PM










Division                             Boys& Girls              Registration Fees

Rookie Division                           Age 4                                           $95.00

Clinic Division                          Ages 5 to 6                              $95.00

Farm Division                          Ages 7 to 8                              $155.00

Little League                            Ages 9 to 12                            $165.00

Junior League                          Ages 13 to 14                          $185.00

Senior League                          Ages 15 to 16                          $200.00

Big League                               Ages 17 to 18                          $275.00






See the News page for information on the indoor clinics. 


 Introducing our 2017 NHPLL Board!!

President - Vinnie Grunert

Vice President  / Safety Officer - Tom Pelligrino

Secretary - Michele Morales

Player Agent - John Cutter

Treasurer / Softball Commissioner - David Massa

Information/Fundraising Officer  - Mike Colletta

Equipment Manager - Robert Koubek 

Coaches Coordinator - Phil Bianso

Umpire Coordinator - Maureen Ogden




New Residency Rules!!!!!

In addition to those who live within NHPLL boundaries. ALL Students; Ages 4 to 18; enrolled in

Garden City Park, New Hyde Park Road School, Stewart Manor, Covert Avenue, NHP Memorial HS, Sewanhaka HS will be permitted to register in NHPLL as per Little League International! 

If you school is within our boundaries you are welcome!  If you reside in our boundaries you are welcome! 

Should you have any questions, regardless were you live or where your child goes to school contact us at  or come to our office on Wednesday evenings between 7 & 8 pm.

We will give you the correct information - our priority is to ensure your child has a great Little League Experience! 



Contact Us:  Office Hours - Wednesday evenings 7-8pm

General Meetings are the second Monday of every month - 8pm during the season.

Phone:  516-354-3613


Tuesday, January 3
Managers - 2017 Season

For those interested in managing or coaching this coming season, please stop by this Monday, 1/9/2017 at the General Meeting to sign up.

Tuesday, January 3
Winter Indoor Clinic

To all,
The winter clinic begins on January 4th and will run until April 12th. Please see the schedule below. We have had a number of kids sign up, but there is still spots available for each age level. Just show up at the gym at the time for your son's age group.
Reminder: To participate in the winter clinic you must be signed up for spring baseball to be covered by insurance.
Farms - 7-8 Minors 9-10 Majors 11-12.  The cost will be $20.00 for entire length of the clinic. 
Sign ups will be on a first come first serve basis.  We have to limit the size to approximately 20 kids per session otherwise no one gets any training.
Each age group will get a minimum of five (5) sessions in the Road School gym on Wednesday nights.  The schedule is listed below for each of the division.  Please have the boys bring their gloves, bat and helmet to each clinic session.
                    Farms                            Minors                                 Majors
                1/4, 600-730PM          1/4, 730- 900PM             1/11, 730-900PM
                1/18, 600-730PM            1/11, 600-730PM               1/18, 730-900PM
                1/25, 600-730PM          1/25, 730-900PM              2/1, 730-900PM
                2/8, 600-730PM          2/1, 600-730PM                2/8, 730-900PM      
                2/15, 600-730PM          2/15, 730-900PM               3/8, 730-900PM 
3/15, 600-730PM 3/8, 600-730PM 3/15, 730-900PM
3/29, 600-730PM  3/22, 600-730PM 3/22, 730-900PM
4/5, 600-730PM 3/29, 730-900PM 4/5, 730-900PM
4/12, 600-730PM  4/12, 730-900PM
The primary coaches for the clinic sessions will be FARMS: Mike Colletta, MINORS: Phil Binaso/John Cutter, MAJORS John Cutter/Phil Binaso
As you can see the boys Farms have been given the early time slot for each of their sessions due to their group being the youngest.  The Minors will be splitting time slots, so make sure you check each week to make sure they come at the appropriate time.  The boys Majors were given the later time slot as they are the oldest group of boys coming to the clinic.  
I promise you the boys at every age group will get a good workout, and will learn more about the game.  The group sizes will be kept to a manageable number, and every child will get help in all areas of the game, as well as have a little fun.   
A few rules for the Road School, No children will be allowed in the hallways by themselves.  We have had a few issues in the past that the school has spoken to us about regarding messes being made in the bathrooms, etc.  We do not want to lose the privilege of using the Road School gym so please talk to your children and make sure they understand this rule.  The only other rule is to come and have fun.
Any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me via email or my cell phone.
Thank you,
John Cutter