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New Britain Stingers
NEW BRITAIN STINGERS (American Legion Baseball Division)

 2014 NEWS

1.  Eligibility: Any player born in 1994 is not eligible to play American Legion Baseball. 

2.   Innings Pitched: 10 innings in any 4 consecutive days. Count outs – 10 full innings by outs. 

3.   Composite bats must have “BBCOR” permanently  inscribed (not a sticker) 

4.   Please note that for the 2014 season over 82% of the programs voted for wood, therefore all regular season and state tournament games will use only wood bats. 

5.   The 2014 Summer American Legion full game schedule is posted.  

6.   Please secure a copy of your birth certificate.  All players that have not provided a copy of their birth certificate must do so before the season begins.  This is an American Legion Baseball national rule.   

7.   Participation fees are $165 for the 2014 summer program to help offset costs associated with the purchase of the new uniforms last year.  The fee must be fully paid prior to the start of the season.


The New Britain Stingers(American Legion Baseball Division) is the elite baseball program for young men between the ages of 15 thru 19. Our program is fed by the great work of those associated with New Britain High School, E.C. Goodwin Technical School, TD BankNorth and the Mangan League.

Players are selected from various outlets such as public tryouts and coach recommendations from the various baseball programs throughout the city. All New Britain players must reside in the city of New Britain.

The level of competition of American Legion Baseball is compared to that of college baseball. Most importantly it has also been known to be a proving ground for future professional baseball players. Therefore our practices and games are held with the utmost seriousness and professionalism.

All of our home games are played at Beehive Field. Therefore we invited everyone out to the ballpark for a fun and exciting time.