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Nevada Netrippers
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Nevada Netrippers
Stacy Ojers
P.O. Box 18658
Reno, Nevada

Wednesday, August 6

Welcome to our web-site!

Netrippers Trophey Case now includes;

Comstock Shootout Champions 2010 

Sagebrush Start Up Finalist 2009

Boise Performance Cup Finalist 2009 


3rd in State Cup 

Rogue Valley Cup Champions - 2008 

Sagebrush Start Up Champions - 2008

Micro 6 Champions AND Finalist - 2008 (two teams put in the tournament and we finished 1st and 2nd with the two teams TIEING in points and coming down to a tie breaker to get the 1st and 2nd places determined.) GBYSL League Champions.

Previously our accomplishments in 2007 were; Sagebrush Start Up Champions, Micro 6 Finalist & 3rd., Boise Performance Cup Champions, South Valley Soccerfest - Semifinalist, 3rd, Fall Friendship Champions, #1 Seed in Northern Nevada State Cup.  GBYSL League Champions. 

Previously our accomplishments in 2006 were; Sagebrush Start Up Champions, Micro 6 Champions, Fall Friendship Finalist, South Valley Soccerfest - Semifinalist, and #1 Seed in Northern Nevada State Cup.  GBYSL League Champions. 

The Netripper are constantly looking for sponsors to help us off set our expenses. If you would like to sponsor our team or know of someone or company that would, please call Stacy.

I will explain to the girls that in this season, once again, we will be looking at what combinations work between the players and what does not. Just because a player plays a forward one week does not mean that they would always play a forward. I will play our players in a position that I feel will benefit the TEAM the most, and help make us a success.
By the end of this season we should have a pretty good idea as what player will play where, and we will not be moving them around a lot after we decide their positions.
I feel permanent positions are important to teach the girls all aspects of their position so they can play it with confidence, which in turn will make our team more competitive.
Remember, however, in a game situation that is a blow out either way, I always move players around for fun too.

It has always been my philosophy that in order to excel to greatness you must have a clear path in mind. That's why we will set goals, personally, and for the team. I preach and teach team work. No one player is more important to the team than any other. Win or lose we do it together, as a TEAM. I promote team building drills because the faster the team comes together and learns each others strengths and weaknesses the faster our road to success will be.

I look forward to the next few years with great anticipation as a coach. There's nothing that we cannot accomplish, together, as a TEAM!

Remember parents, you are an integral part of our team, without your help and support our team will not flourish. Practices are 1 1/2 hours long, and games are 60 min, 30 min per half, and sometimes only once a week. That makes practices very important to our growth process, please try your very best to make each and every practice!




Comstock Shootout Champions

Nevada Netrippers
Nevada Netrippers
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"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Abraham Lincoln
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