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Nashua YMCA Volleyball
Nashua YMCA Volleyball:Rules  
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Get Directions to Nashua YMCA VolleyballNashua Local Weather
Nashua YMCA Volleyball
603-882-2011 (YMCA)
17 Prospect Street
Nashua, New Hampshire

YMCA Intermediate League Rules
The USAV rules will be in use except as specified below.

The Nashua YMCA reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of all YMCA rules whether written or inferred.
All rules will apply for scheduled games, even if the games do not count towards the standings.

WAIVERS and ROSTERS: All team players must have signed the waiver and be on a team roster before being allowed to play.

SERVICE and SERVICE LINES: The service line is considered to be in the court and a service fault will be called if the ball is served with a foot on the service line. Jump serves are allowed, but the player must land with both feet within the service box. (Landing or touching any part of the line on a jump server is considered a fault)
2009-2011 USAV rules will apply on the service.

NET CONTACT: Net contact follows 2009-2011 USAV rules. Contact is not a fault unless it interferes with play, creates an advantage for your team or a disadvantage for the other team. Contact with the top tape of the net is still a fault.

GYM C & D Play Area: If divided is not down the whole gym area is playable. No replay for interferences. (Play safe)

BACKWALL PIPES AND BASKETS: The back wall air conditioning pipes will be considered out of bounds. GYM A & B, Basketball support pipes are out of bounds. Backboard & rim are considered to be in play regardless of the ball direction or speed. GYM C & D, Every part of the basketball hoop is out of bound.

TIME OUTS: One team 30 second time-out per game. Two minutes will be allowed between games for warm-up and team set-up. At first change-over of games, teams will have 5 minutes to warm-up (first referee should be ready to start game at 2 minutes). Two 30 second time-outs per team will be allowed during playoff games. No timeouts allowed after 9:45 PM.

CHANGES TO ROSTER: Any changes to a team roster must be coordinated/approved by Mark Butler (YMCA League Coordinator). Failure to notify League Coordinator may result in game forfeit(s). The rosters will be final for each team after they have played two (2) games. The following exceptions will apply:

1. A player may replace a player on the roster who has either been injured, moved from the area, or is pregnant. That player being replaced will be removed from the roster. This replacement player must play a minimum of one (1) week to qualify for the playoffs.
2. A substitute player, who is new to the league, may be added to the roster of any number of teams. They will not be eligible for the playoffs unless they eventually replace a player as stated in number one (1) above or meet the requirements listed in the section "SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS".

SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS: A substitute player may be placed on the roster of any number of team. They may only play for one team on any given night. If they play for more than one team during the session they will not be eligible for the playoffs except under the exception listed below. If they only play for one team during the session they may play for that team in the playoffs, if they have met the requirement of playing at least one week during the session.

Exception: A substitute player on multiple rosters, who has played for multiple teams, may play in the playoffs and/or finals for a team as long as the team captain has received permission from all the other teams that substitute player has played for during the session. If one of the teams does not respond in time the League Coordinator may make the final decision. If more than one team wishes for the same substitute player to play on their team the substitute player can choose which team they want to sub on. That captain must then receive permission as stated above. The League Coordinator has final say on any substitute players.

GAME FORFEITURE: A team must have three (3) roster players to start a game, or the game will be counted as a forfeit (NO EXCEPTIONS). A team failing to provide the necessary players by 8:05PM shall forfeit the game. Forfeitures games will be at 15 minutes intervals (8:20, 8:35…). The game schedule may be revised with concurrence of the teams involved to ensure games that can be played are accomplished first. Games will start at 8:00 PM if three (3) or more players are present for each team. Note: Upon Captains agreement teams can start on the 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th game from the schedule. Continue playing the following games and then come back to the first & second game.
Example: (If the third game is played first, teams are to play the games in the following sequence; fourth, fifth, six, first & second game). END OF PLAY: The end of play for the evening is 9:50 PM. The team with the most points at that time will be the winner. The two-point rule will not apply (win by one). First referee is responsible for calling game at 9:50 PM. The gym clocks are the official time. No game will START after 9:45 PM.

ELIGIBILITY: A player must have played in at least 1 week of League play, during the regular season to be eligible for the playoffs. League Coordinator may waive this with a majority vote of the Captains’ approval.

GAME PLAY: In the event of a disagreement during a game the team captains will confer with First Official and discuss the issue being disputed and come up with a decision. The first official has final decision in any disputed situation. HALFWAY POINT: Game 4 must start by 9:00 PM. If not, the last three games of the evening will be twenty one point games.

SUBSTITUTION: Rotational substitution is allowed but must be followed throughout the game.

COED REQUIREMENT: No more than four (4) men are allowed on the court per team. During the playoffs, teams playing against a team with out any female player will be awarded 10 points before starting the game. On a 15 points game the penalty will be 6 points..

Semi-finals / Finals
Third match of the Game will be to 15 points 17 cap.

OFFICIALS: Each team is required to provide four (4) Officials each league night. YELLOW CARD AND RED CARD: USAV rules will apply for players displaying un-sportsman like conduct. Official may give a yellow or red card according to his or her opinion to any player displaying behavior that is detrimental to the league. This includes but is not limited to profane language, lewd and/or offensive gestures, fighting, and any other un-sportsman like behavior that the official deems inappropriate. Fighting will also result in immediate dismissal from the league and expulsion from the YMCA with no refund for the league or membership.

Blocking Definition: Blocking is the action that deflects the ball coming from the opponent by (a) player(s) close to the net.

Last but not least: HAVE FUN!!!!!

USAV Rules2009-2011 USA Volleyball Official Indoor Rules

USAV Rules
USA Volleyball Official Indoor Rules

Significant rule Changes and Clarifications for 2009-2011
Intermediate Volleyball Rule Changes for Fall 2009 Session

Based on a vote from the team captains, we have decided to implement the following rule changes based on the 2009 USVBA rule book.
Center Line
The rule for center line faults have been changed so that parts other than the foot are now allowed to touch the opponent’s court as long as it does not interfere with the opponent’s play. Here are the new rules:
11.2.2 Penetration into the opponent’s court, beyond the
center line: To touch the opponent’s court with a
foot (feet) is permitted, provided that
some part of the penetrating foot (feet)
remains either in contact with or directly
above the center line. To touch the opponent’s court with any
part of the body above the feet is permitted
provided that it does not interfere
with the opponent’s play.

Contact with the Net
Incidental net contact, even when playing the ball is no longer a fault as long as it does not interfere with the opponent’s play. Contact with the top tape while playing the ball is still a fault however. Here are the new rules:
11.3.1 Contact with the net by a player is not a fault, unless
it interferes with the play.
11.3.2 Players may touch the post, ropes, or any other object
outside the antennae, including the net itself, provided
that it does not interfere with play.
11.A player interferes with the opponent’s play by (amongst others):
- touching the top band of the net or the top 80 cm
(2’ 7.49”) of the antenna during his/her action of playing the ball, or
- taking support from the net simultaneously with playing the ball, or
- creating an advantage over the opponent, or
- making actions which hinder an opponent’s legitimate attempt to play the ball.

These changes will go into effect immediately. Any questions about the changes should be directed to Mark Butler.

Facility Rules
ACCESS: Access will be granted to the facility after player checks-in and ID card is trade at the YMCA front desk. If ID card is forgotten, members will also sign at the front desk. Members will present their membership cards YMCA.

OPEN PLAY: YMCA open play on non-league times is open to YMCA members. It is also open to non-league members who come with a YMCA member and pay the $7 guest fee.

LEAGUE FREE COURT TIME: Any free court time during scheduled league time is for participants of THAT night's league and YMCA members only.

REFRESHMENTS: Food and drink is NOT permitted in the gym, with the exception of water.

NON-PARTICIPANTS: Non-participants are not allowed to the playing area of the facility. This is for their safety, as there is no safe area to observe play. They may remain in the lobby area if they wish. Children must be under the direct supervision of an adult.

VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers are on duty to ensure the equipment is available and the playing areas are set up. However, it is the responsibility of the first team on the gym schedule (who is also refereeing) to get the equipment out of the closets and set up the nets. It is the responsibility of the last team on the gym schedule to referee of scrimmaging players to take the nets down and put the equipment away.

SHOWERS: If you wish to take a shower you must leave the gym by 9:40pm. YMCA Program areas are scheduled to shut down at 9:30pm. Special exception has been made for the volleyball players on league nights. Please do not abuse this privilege.

YMCA League Director:

Nashua YMCA Volleyball
Nashua YMCA Volleyball
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