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Nashua YMCA Volleyball
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Nashua YMCA Volleyball
603-882-2011 (YMCA)
17 Prospect Street
Nashua, New Hampshire

Adult Intermediate Volleyball League

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Monday, June 19
Spring 2017 Winners - Galvanize!

Galvanize is back!  Congrats Galvanize -  winners of Spring 2017 Session!

Tuesday, January 3
Fall 2016 Champs

Congrats Galvanize - Fall 2016 Champions!!

Thursday, September 15
Summer 2016 Champions

Congratulations to a well deserved victory for I'd Hit that winning a very competitive Summer League


Thursday, June 23
Congrats to Galvanize for winning the Spring 2016 Adult YMCA Volleyball League


Tuesday, January 5
Congrats Galvanize - Fall 2015 Winner!

Congrats Galvanize - Fall 2015 Winner!

Monday, September 28
Congrats Dirty Birds - Summer 2015 Winner!

Congrats Dirty Birds - Summer 2015 Winner!

Thursday, June 25
Congratulations to The Sexy Six Winners of the Spring 2015 Season.


Wednesday, April 1
Congratulations Shotgun Abbies - Winners of Winter 2015 season

Congratulations Shotgun Abbies - Winners of Winter 2015 session. They are the winners for 3rd season in a row!!  Good job Rich Porter & team! :-)

Monday, January 12
Congratulations The Shotgun Abbies - Winners of Fall 2014 season

The Shotgun Abbies - Winner for 2nd time in a row!!

Congrats to Rich's team for winning...I must admit he won it with coaching this year. Rich Brilliantly sat on the bleachers through the first 3 games and telepathically sent good advice to his team. Well Done Rich.

Wednesday, September 24
Congratulations The Shotgun Abbies - Winners of Summer 2014 season!!


Monday, June 30
Congrats to Sexy Six for Winning the 2014 Summer Session


Friday, April 4
Congrats Sexy Sixy - Winter 2014 Champs!!

Link to Finals Video:


Tuesday, January 29
Congrats to Dirty Birds for Winning the Fall 2012 Session!

Summer 2012 champs
Tuesday, September 18
Congrats to Galvanize for winning the 2012 summer session

Wednesday, June 20
Nashua Rules Update - court jump service & curtain wall contact

Effective immediately we will be adjusting the service rule for the Nashua courts with regards to jump serves from the side of the court away from the gym enterance.  The previous rule was on any jump serve attempt, the server must land completely before the black line in the court.  Touching or landing past the black line resulted in a service fault.  The updated rule removes that restriction.


The server must initiate their service attempt behind the white end line of the court.  The black line a few feet in front of the white end line is referred to as the service line.

At the moment of the service hit or take-off for a jump service, the server must not touch the service line or the floor outside the service zone.  After the hit, the server may step or land outside the service zone, or inside the court.

 In addition, we have added a new rule with regards to contacting the curtain wall in the Nashua YMCA.  Players are not allowed to pursue a ball into the curtain if it results in more than incidental contact with the curtain.  Jumping into or pushing the curtain will result in a fault.  A fault will not be called for incidental contact such as lightly touching it with the hand or contact by a piece of clothing.  Basically any contact that results in the curtain being moved is a fault.


Tuesday, June 19
Link to Spring 2012 finals between Galvanize and Dirty Birds video - Game 1

Tuesday, June 19
Link to Spring 2012 finals between Galvanize and Dirty Birds video - Game 2

Wednesday, June 13
Congrats to Galvanize for Winning the Spring 2012 Session!

Thursday, March 22
Congrats to Galvanize for Winning the Winter 2012 Session!

Thursday, June 2
Latest Standings can be found by clicking the Standings link on the left hand side of the screen.

Monday, May 23
Congrats to C's Team for winning the Winter 2011 session

Wednesday, September 15
Congrats to K's Team for winning the Summer 2010 session

Wednesday, March 31
Congrats to E's Team for winning the Winter 2010 session.

Friday, August 27
Congrats to Old & Rusty for winning the Spring 2010 session

Volleyball Links

The above site is a news group for hooking up with vball players and tourneys in the greater boston/new england area.

Congratulations E's Team - Summer League Champs!

Wednesday, October 7
2009 Rule changes

The following rule changes go into effect immediately. To touch the opponent’s court with any part of the body above the feet is permitted provided that it does not interfere with the opponent’s play.

11.3.1 Contact with the net by a player is not a fault, unless it interferes with the play.

11.4.4 A player interferes with the opponent’s play by (amongst others):

- touching the top band of the net or the top 80 cm (2’ 7.49”) of the antenna during his/her action of playing the ball, or

- taking support from the net simultaneously with playing the ball, or

- creating an advantage over the opponent, or

- making actions which hinder an opponent’s legitimate attempt to play the ball.


Go to for a video highlighting the differences between the old and new net fault rules.


Tuesday, January 5
Congrats to E's Team for winning the Fall 2009 session.




Nashua YMCA Volleyball
Nashua YMCA Volleyball
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