RiverBandits Baseball: How to Become a Bandit

How Can I Become a River Bandit?

This is a question we hear a lot, especially after having the success we had this past summer upon playing in the American Legion World Series in Shelby, NC!

Here are my suggestions:

* As a 15 and 16 year old, you should continue to play ACME baseball for your respective   
   High School.  I would also suggest you play as much as possible, even if that means
   playing on a "weekend only" team.  The more baseball you play, the better you will

*  I will monitor your progress to see if/when you are ready to become a River Bandit! 
    We EXPECT to invite players that we know have the ability to play at the college

Now, there are some GEOGRAPHICAL restrictions when it comes to American Legion Baseball so not every player is eligible to be a Bandit.  We can take players who live in Henry, Defiance and Williams County.  We can also look at players in parts of Fulton and Paulding County.  Anyone living outside of these counties are not eligible to play for the Napoleon River Bandits.  

I would suggest you continue to work on your baseball skills and play as much as possible.  When the time comes that I feel you are ready to play at our level, regardless of your age, you will then be contacted and asked to play for us.  At that time, we would certainly hope you would accept our offer and become a part of the River Bandit family. 

Randy J. Bachman
GM Napoleon River Bandits

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